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Published:December 7th, 2006 08:02 EST
Fourteen insurgents killed and buildings destroyed in Ramadi

Fourteen insurgents killed and buildings destroyed in Ramadi

By SOP newswire

CAMP FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Coalition Forces used tank main gun rounds and precision guided ordnance to destroy buildings from which insurgents were attacking in Ramadi Wednesday.

Iraqi Soldiers and Coalition Forces were attacked with a heavy volume of small arms fire from numerous insurgent positions including the Al Haqq Mosque. Iraqi Soldiers and Coalition Forces returned fire with a combination of small arms fire,
machine gun fire and tank main gun rounds. When the enemy's attack did not cease, Coalition Forces used precision guided ordnance on the buildings being used asinsurgent fighting positions, and the buildings were destroyed.

Iraqi Soldiers and Coalition Forces did not use precision guided ordnance or fire their tank main guns at the mosque. Iraqi Soldiers entered the mosque to conduct a search, and Coalition Forces remained outside the mosque. Nothing significant was found in the mosque.

One Coalition member was killed and three were wounded during the operations. Fourteen insurgents were killed. There were no reports of civilian casualties.

"When insurgents create situations such as occurred Wednesday, Coalition Forces must defend themselves," said Coalition spokesman Marine Lt. Col. Bryan Salas. "While we are mindful to limit damage, we must respond with necessary and proportional force to protect our forces and Iraq from the insurgents."