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Published:December 15th, 2006 06:12 EST
Special message from the Secretary of the Navy, Donald C. Winter

Special message from the Secretary of the Navy, Donald C. Winter

By SOP newswire

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Each year during the holiday season, Americans celebrate the promise of renewal and the possibilities of peace. Your dedicated efforts enable us to enjoy these rich blessings at home, while bringing hope to people throughout the world.

Each of you -- whether on active duty, a member of the reserve component, a civilian, or a family member -- has played an integral part in giving the greatest gifts, gifts of peace, promise, freedom and, in many situations, life itself to countless millions. You have paid for them with your unequaled dedication, selfless sacrifice and boundless energy. Thank you for your unwavering devotion.

Many of you will spend this holiday season far from home, at war, in a hostile environment. Although it is never easy, your sacrifices come at a vital time for our nation. You can be justifiably proud of your steadfast service. Devoting oneself to a life of service is a noble endeavor; your nation and your fellow Americans thank you and are proud of you. Your families equally share the unavoidable burdens of separation and anxiety associated with the profession of arms, and I thank them as well for their dedication and sacrifice.

Wherever you gather to share the spirit of the season with family and friends, stay safe and keep those at sea and on the front lines in your thoughts and prayers. May God grant you and your families continued blessings in the New Year, and may God continue to bless this United States of America.

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Source:US Navy