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Published:December 24th, 2006 03:50 EST
IA and CF Repel Attack During Raid On Insurgent Cell in Baqubah

IA and CF Repel Attack During Raid On Insurgent Cell in Baqubah

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD – 5th Iraqi Army Division forces, with coalition advisers, repelled an attack, killing at least 4 insurgents, during operations Dec. 23 south of Baqubah to capture a suspected insurgent cell leader.  Iraqi forces conducted the late morning operation to capture a cell leader allegedly responsible for indirect fire and improvised explosive device attacks against Iraqi and Coalition Forces in the area.  The insurgent reportedly leads a group responsible for the death of an Iraqi Army colonel.

Iraqi forces searched multiple locations, but the insurgent leader was not found.

While departing the area, Iraqi Forces came under heavy fire from several groups of insurgents in the street.  Iraqi Forces returned fire to neutralize the threat, resulting in several enemy killed and wounded. 

Having no regard for the safety and welfare of Iraqi civilians living around them, insurgents continued to shoot at Iraqi and Coalition Forces vehicles with heavy automatic weapons and machine-gun fire.  The vehicles were shot at, at close range, by insurgents located on both sides of the street they were moving on.  Iraqi forces continued to depart the area, while engaging the insurgents with aimed, controlled fires, resulting in several insurgents killed.  Iraqi and Coalition Forces returned safely to base. 

Damage to the area, resulting from gunfire, was reported.  At least 4 insurgents were confirmed killed, with several unconfirmed insurgents killed and wounded.  Iraqi forces recovered two machine guns used by insurgents during the attack.

There were no reports of any civilian casualties during the attack.