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Published:June 23rd, 2007 05:58 EST
Iraqi Army kill al-Qaeda gunmen during checkpoint attack

Iraqi Army kill al-Qaeda gunmen during checkpoint attack

By SOP newswire

TIKRIT, Iraq – Iraqi Army Soldiers killed 11 al-Qaeda gunmen and an IED emplacer during an attack on an Iraqi Army checkpoint near Khalis June 20.
While manning a checkpoint, members of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army received heavy small-arms and machine-gun fire from approximately 15 al-Qaeda gunmen in a convoy of four vehicles. The IA Soliders returned fire, killing three enemy.
The remaining gunmen loaded into their vehicles and traveled to a nearby village, dispersing as they arrived.
A Coalition Forces’ attack helicopter team from the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade followed one of the vehicles with a mounted heavy machinegun, to a compound in the village of Jamil. Five gunmen exited the vehicle and entered a house within the compound.
The helicopters destroyed the vehicle while attack aircraft destroyed the house, killing the five gunmen inside. During destruction of the house, secondary explosions were observed.
ISF along with Soldiers from the 1-2-5 IA Military Transition Team also responded to the attack, discovering two false improvised explosive devices en route to the checkpoint.
While securing the IED site, Iraqi Soldiers identified possible triggermen wearing all black and carrying weapons. The suspected triggermen then engaged the Soldiers with small-arms fire.
The Soldiers returned fire, killing two enemy forces. A third gunman was killed after an attack helicopter responded to the small-arms engagement.

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