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Published:June 29th, 2007 05:17 EST
Bomb-making materials, weapons seized from two Rashid District mosques

Bomb-making materials, weapons seized from two Rashid District mosques

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD — Iraqi Security Forces and Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers entered two mosques in the Rashid District of the Iraqi capital June 27-28 and uncovered two weapons caches.

Early in the morning June 27, Company A, 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, and Iraqi Security Forces entered the Al Mahada Mosque in the Saydiyah portion of the city and found eight AK-47s with 40 magazines and body armor.

On June 28, the same company entered Al-Sadiq Mosque in the same neighborhood and found six AK-47s and one bag of hand grenades buried in the courtyard.

Inside the mosque, they found one PKM machine gun, one PKC machine gun, one drum of PKM ammunition, 22 assault rifle magazines, one expended rocket-propelled grenade booster, seven demolition boosters, 30 feet of detonation cord, one stick of dynamite, two RPG warheads, 10 blocks of TNT, one 122mm mortar round, one sniper scope, three RPG fins, 14 blasting caps, more than 500 loose 7.62mm rounds, six pressure switches, six timers, 12 9-volt batteries, one 6-volt battery and assorted communications devices.

The cache, enough to build numerous roadside bombs, was destroyed by an explosive ordnance disposal unit. 

Under Iraqi law, citizens are allowed one assault rifle and one 30-round magazine for protection.

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