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Published:July 24th, 2007 12:38 EST
Al-Qaeda cell leader killed, seven insurgents detained near Karmah

Al-Qaeda cell leader killed, seven insurgents detained near Karmah

By SOP newswire

FALLUJAH, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces killed a senior member of an al Qaeda in Iraq cell and seven suspected insurgents were detained following a series of early-morning raids at a terrorist training camp July 23. 

With Coalition Forces present as advisers, Iraqi Security Forces cleared a series of buildings located on an abandoned Iraqi Army base in the Hamrah Region northeast of Karmah.  Iraqi Security Forces were engaged by an enemy shooter at one of their objectives.  An assault team moved to positively identify the shooter, a senior al Qaeda cell member, and lethal force was used to eliminate the threat.  Various rifles, pictures and identification cards were also seized during the operation. 

The abandoned base is purportedly being used as a training facility and safe house for active insurgents, foreign fighters, and weapons. Several insurgent groups from Fallujah and other Western Iraq cities are suspected to use the facility for small arms training and other activities. 

The death of the senior member and detainment of the other insurgents will greatly inhibit al Qaeda in Iraq activities. 

No Iraqi or Coalition Forces were injured during this operation.  

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