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Published:November 12th, 2007 07:27 EST
One Vet's Prayer

One Vet's Prayer

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

It`s a mystery to me, " the old man explained, that these young ones find themselves in such turmoil with their lives. "

This morning, I read that more Americans have been murdered in the United States this year than have fallen on foreign soil.  How can this be?  Like I said, " he lowered his chin and studied the folded flag he held in his withered hands, it`s a mystery to me. "

I`ve taken to watching CSpan, you know, and I listen to the politicians with their one-minute speeches in the House; and, I see the vicious fighting on the Senate floor.  I know what they say to one another.  Of course, I`m reminded continuously these days that "a house divided cannot stand.`  And, my dear, our House is divided. "

So, " the old soldier gazed into my eyes for a long minute, you are wondering if I pray; and, if so, for what do I pray? " he restated the question.

That`s actually an easy question, dear.  When I look around me and when I watch the world on television, I whisper this prayer:

Lord, save my country from itself.  Save our children from the future we are  creating for them.  Let us remember that children, really, fought and died for our freedom. "

Even now, Lord, while many young people are dying for our right to be free, let them not be discouraged because they fight for our freedom to kill the unborn; let them not become disillusioned with their duty while fighting for our freedom to enslave ourselves in debt.  As you know, Lord, we`re now in debt to the trillions and we still continue spending.  And, Lord, if they`ve heard we`re taking Your name out of everything, help them to, somehow, not believe it. "

Lord, help our young soldiers not become disheartened when they learn that their homeland has been virtually invaded by foreigners who freely flaunt the rule of law and easily find refuge without fear of consequence or repercussion. "

And, Lord, please send us a Leader.  There is no Leader in our land.  Whether you send Moses or Golda Mier, we will give thanks for one who remembers the blood shed by true believers and genuine patriots who demonstrated the truth of democracy:  Freedom is bought with blood.  Lord, let us remember how freedom is earned that we may carefully calculate its true worth.  Amen "                  

When he raised his head, his eyes were filled with tears.  His once-quick hand was too slow to catch the first tear to fall to his shirt.  Young lady, " he forced a smile, life is too unbearable to live without prayer. "