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Published:March 29th, 2008 19:14 EST
Clamps on release of Info announced by Civil Air Patrol

Clamps on release of Info announced by Civil Air Patrol

By SOP newswire

In a recent but undated letter to Civil Air Patrol region and wing commanders obtained exclusively by News of the Force, CAP interim national commander Brig. Gen. Amy Courter has put a lid on the release of information, especially during Air Force-assigned missions.

The letter states, "The newly revised CAPR 190-1 requires a trained and certified MIO, in accordance with CAPR 60-3, to handle media relations for every mission and training exercise. The MIO is to provide and receive critical information, advise the incident commander, protect the image of the Civil Air Patrol and provide timely information to the public affairs staff of each higher headquarters.

"There is a critical need to always follow this regulation, especially when performing Air Force assigned missions (AFAMs), to ensure that media inquiries are handled properly and interviews are conducted in a professional manner. CAP MIOs are trained and certified to carry out such duties, and only they are authorized to do so.

"With this in mind, please ensure that when an AFAM is conducted, all members in your region and wing follow procedures outlined in CAPR 190-1. Also, please remind all your members that all contact with the news media regarding specific missions and other incidents (especially when possible fatalities are involved) 'must be made by a corporate officer, Incident Commander, or PAO/MIO ONLY.'"

The Civil Air Patrol is the uniformed, civilian Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.