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Published:May 21st, 2008 16:32 EST
A shooting case was reincarnated

A shooting case was reincarnated

By Ann Poludenko

US army in Iraq intentionally shoot a hotel with foreign journalist in April 2003, stated Adrian Kinn this week, a non-commission officer of the USA army. In return to this International Journalist Federation called the USA to conduct a complete and independent investigation of circumstances of death of two foreign journalists: a Ukrainian  Taras Protsyuk of Reuters and Jose Couso of the Telecinco network in Spain. Three others, all Reuters journalists, were wounded.

In her internet notes Kinn says that saw secret documents of the US army where among other aims was marked the hotel Palestine in Baghdad, that at a war times served as a place for foreign journalists.

The USA held an investigation of the incident and came to conclusion, that that was just an accident. The international federation of journalists considers that newly appeared information makes the investigation results doubtful ones.

The US later said that its soldiers had been acting in self-defense and were not to blame for the incident. A US army captain admitted that an Abrams tank under his command had carried out the deadly attack on the hotel, but said he had not been told that it was home of the international press.

A glint of light reflection off coursed the incident, said Captain Philip Wolford. He said that his men, engaged in fierce fighting in the hotel’s neighborhoods, thought that glints on a balcony where binoculars, not journalists stuff, thus considering them to belong to a spotter directing enemy fire.

Aiden White, the chief-secretary of Brussels based organization told Deutsche Welle, “"The USA must undertake responsibility. We consider that it is possible only under a condition of holding a complete and independent investigation. Until now the USA argued against bringing to the investigation international organizations. This forms a base to assume that the USA hide something".

Whire suggests to bring over to a new investigation UN or Red Cross representatives.

Taras Protsyuk’s family hasn’t received yet financial compensation from the USA. They think that their son was killed intentionally.

“Because of the complicated procedure of the lawsuit was not sent to the Euro court. The Ukrainian courts refused to run the case, explaining that the incident took place  out of Ukrainian territory”, said Viktoria Siumar, the executive director of the Institute of Mass Information.

Protyuk’s widow received a financial compensation only from “Reuters”.

Jose Couso’s family didn’t let the case be forgotten. In 2006 the Spanish Supreme Ñourt made a decision to bring to account three US soldieries and passed to Interpol the warrant of their arrest. True, the procedure of extradition delayed for indefinite term. "But family of lost Jose Couso even got moral satisfaction — the killers of operator were acknowledged guilt”, said Siumar.