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Published:July 4th, 2009 17:08 EST
Gay Sailor Gunned Down On Sentry Duty

Gay Sailor Gunned Down On Sentry Duty

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A sailor found dead earlier this week at California`s Camp Pendleton was shot while standing sentry, and a fire was set in an attempt to cover up evidence, the U.S. Navy said.

The death of Seaman August Provost of Houston, Texas, is being investigated as a homicide, Capt. Matt Brown told reporters on Thursday. A sailor is in custody in the case, Brown said.

Although at least one of Provost`s relatives said she believes he was killed because of his sexual orientation and his race, Brown said there was no indication the killing was a hate crime. A U.S. congressman also said on Friday there are indications Provost may have been killed because of his sexual orientation."


The military`s "Don`t ask, Don`t tell" policy incites violence against gays and lesbians in the military. This draconian policy depicts homosexuality as a crime so vile that a soldier or sailor must be immediately booted if his sexual orientation is discovered.

When Obama campaigned for the presidency he promised to do away with with "Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell", as well as DOMA. But now that Obama is firmly ensconced in the White House, he hasn`t lifted a finger to advance human rights for gays and lesbians.

Obama, Palin and everybody else who is in favor of depriving gays and lesbians of basic human rights shares in the responsibility of the murder of this young sailor.

The Navy may be quick to rule out Provost`s murder as a hate crime, but there should be a full and thorough investigation. Provost had told family members that he was being harassed because of his sexual orientation.

By all accounts Provost was an outstanding Seaman, and his death is a great loss to the Navy and to our country.

Obama should send a clear signal that attacks against gay military personnel will not be tolerated by repealing "Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell."