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Published:August 17th, 2009 09:29 EST
Returning War Veterans Need More Help From VA

Returning War Veterans Need More Help From VA

By Fred Rendon

One of our Veterans from the Afghanistan area returned after having been discharged from the Army. The Veteran was discharged for PTSD. He was released from the Army because of PTSD and was awarded 100% rating. Normally this 100% will make your family qualify for CHAMP VA health insurance. Omar Vasquez has a wife and a four year old child.


So when they heard back from the hospital that they were not covered Mrs. Vasquez contacted the VA and they informed that in order for her to be covered she needed to write the VA and ask for them to make her husband Permanente and Total in order for her to be covered, kind of like Simon Says ".


Omar visited the McAllen Vet center several times complaining to the Pycharitrist about his emotions he confided he felt like killing some one and he also felt like committing suicide.


He asked to be admitted to the hospital in Topeka Kansas where there is a 90 day Veterans PTSD Program. The VA was too tired of listening to whining and so they ignored Omar Vasquez and in April of this year at a party in Edinburg TX.  Omar got into a confrontation, a young man and so now a man is dead and Omar was arrested. He asked for help and none was available so now he is on trial for murder. This is a great example of the VA doing what they do best nothing, nothing, but making life miserable for the veteran and his life. When are we going to demand the changes from our congressman and senators?  


 There are going to be many veterans returning with PTSD and other illnesses and if the VA does not attend to these returning veterans then they are just a guilty of the crimes committed by these returning Veterans especially when they ask for help over and over only to be denied over and over again.


I am not bashing the VA any more than taxpayers who have a difficult time with IRS bash the IRS. The VA increases the amount of stress that combat veterans returning from war already suffer from due to PTSD. I wonder how many veterans have committed suicide due to the aggravation from the VA. I know Omar Vasquez asked the VA several times but they did not listen and now one person is dead and one Veteran will probably go to prison because the VA was too busy to take care of it`s Veterans. Neither the President with all of his changes nor any branch of the government can intercede and do something to stop this insanity being perpetrated by the Veterans Administration.


Incompetency is at the bottom of this along with apathy. The Veterans Administration needs to be reorganized. There are many claims which are easy to decide but the VA does not want to award the Veteran his compensation. If at all possible the VA simply waits the Veteran out and the Veteran eventually dies or commits suicide either way the VA wins, the Veteran and his family loose.