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Published:August 21st, 2009 09:27 EST
Veterans Pay Twice: Once at War and Once at Home

Veterans Pay Twice: Once at War and Once at Home

By Fred Rendon

I know of two Veterans who are paying for their PTSD along with their families. Most Veterans who return from war with PTSD are now aware of it and seek help from the Veterans Administration. This is where the problem begins, the VA is attempting to get away from admitting a Veteran has PTSD let alone actually wanting to help him. One of the Veterans I refer to pleaded with a VA Psychiatrist to put him in a long term Hospital setting because he felt he was going to hurt himself or someone.


His pleas were ignored and on April the first 2009 he got into an altercation and killed a man. This man, we will call him Omar went in search of an attorney to help him with his defense, and found a shyster who had never tried a murder case before. His attorney is constantly telling Omar`s wife you better get me more money or will have your husband thrown back in jail". He is vulgar, incompetent, and now threatening to quit if he does not get all his money.  The veteran does not have any money.


In a town close to Las Vegas a Veteran named Pat also a Veteran suffering from PTSD. Somehow Pat got into a problem and shot at a policeman and so the wrath of the city came down on Pat. He is being treated like a hardened criminal with a lengthy record when this is his very first offense. I am well aware of the implications of shooting a police officer. I have had three brothers who were policemen and I have a great deal of respect for the police and I write about them and how brave they are for doing the job they do. However, in this case you have a sick Veteran who has confronted a policeman due to an illness, PTSD. Everyday a new case of a Veteran committing suicide is publicized and it is mostly due to PTSD.


Ladies and gentleman suicide is a pretty serious offense it is also very permanent. What Pat did was against the law but the Police department have taken it upon themselves not to give Pat bail, oh well he can make bail if he can come up with two and a half million $. Pat has been in jail for nine months. He is not getting the medication he is supposed to be taking and is not receiving the counseling he so badly needs now for his current problem along with his PTSD.


What a price our Veterans are paying for doing their patriotic duty. Pat has been incarcerated in the Nye County Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada since September 19, 2008. I do not understand the mindset of the police or the Sherriff of this Nevada County in why his bond is not reduced.


I returned from Vietnam in 1967 and I had problems through my life. I was fortunate not to have actually killed someone or been killed. I tried to break into a Mexican jail one time to get a friend out of jail and I wound up staying longer than I should have. I too asked the Veterans Administration for help and they would not help me at all. I got into many problems because of the time I spent in Vietnam.


I am now sixty years old and I finally found out how to get over PTSD but no one will listen. Some day my idea will catch on and we will be able to get rid of PTSD before it takes over the mind of the Veteran. Until then is there any compassionate person, attorney, philanthropist out there who might be able to help either of these two Veterans who are sick and need our help and not our scorn.


I have a book I am trying to sell about my life with PTSD but not yet and therefore I have no money because if I did I would gladly help these two comrades of mine. Often time when I first returned from Vietnam I would have a tremendous urge to shoot and kill someone and by the grace of God I did not.