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Published:November 14th, 2009 08:51 EST
VA Claims and the Mean Backlog

VA Claims and the Mean Backlog

By Fred Rendon

Why the VA will not hire additional personnel 

I read in the paper about how Governor Perry is going to hire 12 new Veterans Affairs employees to help with the back log of claims in the Waco and Houston Regional offices. I believe Houston is the VA`s worse managed Regional Office in the country. Over the past twenty five years and in particular the last dozen years I have gone round and round with the HRO. They have one of the worst attitudes I have ever dealt with.  

The Houston RO is infamous for denying, denying, denying, the first thing they do is deny. Why you may ask? Well for one thing when you deny you have made a decision on a claim and got that claim out of the way. You are commended for being a fast claims decision maker. There are also bonuses if I am not mistaken. They might have done away with the bonuses I am not sure.

The first denial letter will discourage many of the Veterans who apply for benefits. I am not certain of the percent but I have talked to many veterans who simply say well I tried and was denied so that is it. Other will get a service officer who is service connected himself many times for PTSD and he is your helper, the VA has attorneys who are trained for several weeks or months to find all the ways to deny veterans and to make up new rules to deny Veterans. 

The Service officers go to a three day course on how to file a claim. Who do you think is going to win? The attorneys are paid well to deny claims the service officer has thousands of Veterans counting on him for help. If you do not think that a service officer with PTSD does not get frustrated nor has serious lack of concentration well think again. The VA attorneys have many other attorneys and legal clerks to look up information, the service officer has himself unless he is a large office then there is one clerk for several service officers.  However, I have digressed, I will get back to my point. The Perry hiring new employees is just a voting angle. Why did he not do this last year or the year before?    

That is so much B/S I find it hard to believe it could actually be written. It is my opinion Perry could not care less about Veterans or the VA back log of claims. Chances are by the time anyone were to get serious about hiring 12 new Veteran counselors Perry will no longer be the Governor. It will be KBH, if you think KBH is going to continue with this nonsense think again.

The back log is not due to new claims it is due to the number of claims denied or the claims appealing. The longer the VA denies the thicker the file gets. The thicker the file gets the more difficult it is for a claims adjuster, or processor to go through all the paper work. Often times without going through the file, the claims processor writes a bunch of B/S and denies the claim again. I have a claim I filed in 2003 I got denied I went through to the Court of Veterans Appeals and got denied again. I was told I needed to word it right and so guess what I did a few days ago?

I filed a new claim for the same thing because I am simply being cheated. The older Veterans like the WWll and Korea the VA simply waits them out. I have several older gentlemen I helped a year ago waiting for a decision. Their ages vary from 89 to 75, I have some 60 years old the Vietnam Vets and several widows who also got denied by the VA. If the 89 year old Veteran dies before the decision, well that is it. Nothing for him or the widow the VA celebrates for saving money.  

Do you have any idea how many attorneys the VA has? Do you know how many of them are for our use, ZERO none are for us, not one? We can go get a Service Officer who are usually being paid by the VA ( conflict of interest) Do you think the VA is going to hire competent individuals? I am not poking fun at anyone all I am saying is why not hire attorneys to help us with the claims to begin with make them service officers. The VA has a very large budget but you know what the majority of the money is for? Not the Veterans they are in back log.

The worse thing about this entire situation is that there is a way to help Veterans be cleared of about 95% of PTSD but no one wants to listen. I know my story is old but if I got help after forty years any one can get help. What a sad day when Perry offers to fix the VA right before election, what a cool move huh? If the VA could they would not even have anything to do with Veterans anymore, we cause them nothing but trouble. From the time we apply for a claim we become not claimants but back log.