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Published:February 15th, 2010 09:40 EST
War in Afghanistan

The Start of the End of the War in Afghanistan? Hopefully!

By Ron G Anselm


     United States Army and Marine units teamed-up with the Afghan Army forces to start what has been said to be one of the biggest and major offensives against the Taliban strongholds since the war began nine years ago.

War in Afghanistan

     Near the city of Marjah, Afghanistan and U.S. military forces stormed in to the outskirts of the Taliban positions and hit the bad guys with precise military precision and overwhelming force. There are possibly 1,000 Taliban militants that are believed to be dug in Marjah. The only threat to U.S. forces is the many or even thousands of land mines and bombs that are expected to be hidden in and around this large farming community.

     The goal of the military is to seize the town of Marjah, drive the Taliban out of that area and restore Afghanistan order and bring total control back to the area with the restoration of the Afghanistan government. The area has also served the Taliban has a lucrative drug business with the massive opium poppy trade which has probably served as a major financing resource for the Taliban to be able to keep this war going for them. Knocking out the Taliban from this area and taking control by getting rid of the lucrative poppy business  would more than likely be a major blow to the Taliban`s money and financing.

     The web site that the Taliban use to communicate on the information super highway stated that this attack was just propaganda and stated that the insurgents would fight the attackers with the so famous hit and run tactics the Taliban is famous for. The only way the Taliban can survive against our military is to use hit and run tactics.

          The Army and Afghan soldiers cleared the roadways of bomb, landmines and cleared a path while fighting off the small attacks by a handful of insurgents. Of course, with any military operation, there were causalities but very minimal.

     In one of President Obama`s recent speeches, he said the goal of the United States government is to bring all of our troop`s home in eighteen months. Maybe, since this operation was really one of the biggest and even one that we have heard about for a while, this could be the start of the end of the war in Afghanistan, Hopefully!