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Published:June 13th, 2010 17:10 EST
MMA Popularity Extend to the Ranks of the Military

MMA Popularity Extend to the Ranks of the Military

By Ron G Anselm


     The Mixed Martial-Arts popularity has extended to the ranks of the military. This new Martial-Arts craze over the last few years has really reached high levels of popularity among younger kids, Martial-Arts practitioners, and now the United States military, practically the Army.

     The Army is using this new style for not only to step up the marketing on recruiting, but to add to the skills of soldiers. The new style is great because it involves boxing, wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu techniques which are the techniques that have been proven to be effective in combat and any self-defense situation.

     Bruce Lee once said, to have an effective arsenal of fighting techniques, one should be proficient in the arts of kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling. He was right, you really don`t have to go and spend thousands of dollars on taking lessons and learning ancient forms of fighting like Tae Kwon Do, Tang-Soo Do and so on when you can train in the arts like boxing and kickboxing with techniques from wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu added in to your overall form. We have seen the sport expand to full television coverage when we watch those Saturday Night Fights which normally is shown every few months on prime time television.

     To improve the morale of soldiers, the Army has invited and welcomed MMA Fighters to come and talk to soldiers and to put on exhibitions at various bases and around the world. Names like ACE and the Huntington Beach Bad Boys have come in and put on exhibitions to show the sport and to be part of the Army`s recruiting plan.

     Some of the Army`s soldiers have trained in the style and discipline of MMA and have worked their way up to the professional ranks. Some big named tourist attractions such as Harrah`s Casino located in Tunica, Mississippi has put on events to promote this sport with shows like Fight Night " which puts G.I.`s or soldiers up against the professional fighters in the MMA.

     The MMA is looked at by the Army has a combative sport that best personifies the tradition of the Army in the way that it is the true tradition of combat and blends in well with the traditions of MMA being a combative sport. The Army has even gone so far as to add the style and techniques into its field manual which is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for soldiers in the field and in combat.

     One of the great elements about training solders in the art of Mixed-Martial Arts is now we are fighting a different war than the ones in the past that involved our military might crushing our enemy on the traditional battle field setting. We are now fighting guerilla warfare like we did in Vietnam where number one we really can`t see who we are shooting at, or who is shooting at us and in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are now knocking down doors and looking in every nook and cranny for the Taliban which involves close quarters.

     When you go on patrol and come in contact with a village or small town somewhere in the boonies of the Iraq desert, you split up and kick in doors hunting for the Taliban. We`re not talking large, spacious homes, were talking shacks and small living quarters where at any second a terrorist could come around the corner at you. This is where the MMA techniques will be very effective to be able to defend yourself in close quarter fighting and defense.

     Also, working out in the Martial-Arts and MMA is one of the best workouts you can do to involve cardiovascular, fighting techniques, and strength training all in one.