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Published:July 30th, 2008 12:35 EST
Interview with director Glenn Webber

Interview with director Glenn Webber

By Denise Kaminsky

Hi Glenn, tell me about yourself?

The ExorcistI grew up in a rural area in
Southern Rhode Island. I was an only child with not much to do but watch movies and entertain myself. At that time movies were under a dollar and always double features so often you would find me there. When TV came along the stations did not have much to show as far as programming was concerned so they would show old movies as a fill in adding to my movie watching as well as the theaters.

I wasn`t much of a sports kid or a comic book reader so movies became my past time. As I got older my movie interest became mostly classic horror. I loved old classics and Italian horror. Trying to find something that really scared me became a challenge after a while. After my teenage years I went to
Art College, and became a martial arts instructor. Films were always my passion especially well made films. I became interested in Japanese samurai films of the 60`s as well as other foreign films of the 60`s.


What types of films do you produce/direct?

Besides instructional and historical productions I have been doing documentaries as well as some short features. A few years ago I began working on some horror scripts. My goal is to produce a few short horror projects while I am working on a feature horror.

What qualities do you look for in an actor/actress?

In one word "natural" I think an actor needs to "become the part" not act the part. Being a low budget film maker I don`t have a lot of access to seasoned actors so I need to rely on undiscovered actors. I try to find people who have worked in a lot of films already and don`t want a lot of money for their work. I should also mention I use a lot of what I call "non actors" who I don`t give many lines to but I still feel can do the job. These people have the personality that is very close to the character they are playing so they just are themselves.

Who are your favorite directors?

Fellini, Leoni, Kerasowa, Corman, Hitchcock, Eisenstein, Rob Zombie, Bavia etc.

and which are some of your favorite horror

Horror films; The Exorcist, Dracula, Psycho, Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, etc.



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