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Published:August 13th, 2008 13:54 EST
Posse (1993) Film Review

Posse (1993) Film Review

By Garrett Godwin

Actor-director Mario Van Peebles tackles the West with 1993`s Posse.  The film revolves around men from the Spanish-American War that were mostly black and only one white person: Jessie Lee (Van Peebles), his enforcer Obobo (Tommy "Tiny" Lister), Weezie (Charles Lane), Angel (Tone Loc), and crazy Little J (Stephen Baldwin).  Their leader, sadistic Col. Graham (Billy Zane), enlists these men for a covert mission to go behind enemy lines, but what they found there was gold.

Realizing that Graham and his men will kill them once they retrieved the gold, Jessie Lee and the others retaliate, and go on the run.  Then, they returned to the States and go to New Orleans, where they encounter Father Time (Big Daddy Kane).  However, Graham and his men aren`t far behind, as the deserters are now a posse -- outlaws wanted, dead or alive.  But that`s not Jessie`s main concern, as he decides to seek revenge on the men who murdered his father, King David, and help liberate his hometown, Freedomville.

For years, the West has been immortalized romantically with stories such as the famous O.K. Corral showdown between the Earp brothers with Doc Holliday and the Clanton gang.  However, there never have been no mentions of black cowboys and settlers of the West -- until now, with Posse

Posse could be called an mixture of blaxploitation, The Outlaw Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood`s character avenged his family`s death), and a hip-hop Western shoot-`em-up.  Still, this is a film about racism, prejudice, and bigotry still existing even in the West among black people, but also a picture about them fighting for acceptance, equality, freedom, and justice.  What Van Peebles sets to do is reveal an unknown past of African-American history that has been underrated and underappreciated -- the untold story of the West.

Posse is available on DVD.