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Published:December 16th, 2008 12:00 EST
The Spirit: He's what the world needs

The Spirit: He's what the world needs

By Garrett Godwin

This holiday season; get into "The Spirit" - not just the spirit of Christmas, but also the film adaptation of Frank Miller`s graphic comic-book novel. Gabriel Macht is in the title role as a cop who was killed in the line of duty and is now brought back to life as The Spirit: a masked, shadowy crime fighter protecting the public.

Samuel J. Jackson is his nemesis pursuing immortality in his way. Eva Mendes, Scarlet Johansson and Sarah Paulson are the beauties.

"The Spirit" is the second movie based on Miller`s work brought to life on the big screen this year. "Wanted", now available on DVD, became a blockbuster this summer, about an elite group of assassins that run the world through one code: kill one, save a thousand!

Whereas in 2005`s "Sin City" (another film adaptation based on a Miller graphic comic-book novel) introduced a world of moral ambiguity, crime, corruption, edgy antiheroes and tough yet beautiful damsels with hearts of gold, "The Spirit" introduces a hero in a world of gray yet determined to make a difference because he is definitely what the world really needs, for his name says it all.

"The Spirit" is one of the definite movies for the holiday season, closing the year of superheroes ruling the box office in 2008.