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Published:May 8th, 2009 19:13 EST
Daredevil Film Review

Daredevil Film Review

By Garrett Godwin

In February 2003, Oscar winner Ben Affleck prowls  the streets of New York as the Man Without Fear known as Daredevil.  As a kid, young Matt Murdock lost his sight but his other four senses became hyperactive and gave off a radar sound.  When his father, 42-year-old fighter Jack "The Devil" Murdock was murdered, he made a promise to help those where others wouldn`t and seek justice -- one way or another.

Now an adult, Matt is an attorney by day defending the innocent and downtrodden.  But at night, he goes to work as Daredevil against Wilson Fisk (Micheal Clarke Duncan), the Kingpin of Crime, who hires hitman Bullseye (Colin Farrell) to take out our hero.  However, Matt begins to fall in love with Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner), daughter of a Greek shipping heir billionaire, and now must do all he can to protect her and the people of New York.

Though the film grossed $100 million dollars in the U.S., there were mixed reception from critics and moviegoers yet praised Garner`s performance, which led to the 2005 spinoff Elektra, which didn`t fare well during its release.  Daredevil has been released twice on DVD -- including a "Director`s Cut" that contains deleted and never-before seen scenes, which some critics stated as a better improvement than the version shown in theaters.  There has also been talks of a Daredevil reboot once a director has been chosen.

This version of Daredevil details the inner struggle of one man, who almost ended up being the same thing he has sworn to fight against.  He understands stopping evil isn`t the same as becoming one, for that would make him the bad guy.  As one of the Marvel Knights, Daredevil is a tragic hero seeking redemption for his sins, saving his soul while in the process rediscovers hope, love, and faith, which is what we all need every now and then.

"Violence doesn`t discriminate. It hits of all of us... the rich, the poor, the healthy, and the sick. It comes as cold as bracing as a winter breeze off the Hudson. Until it sinks into your bones... leaving you with a chill you can`t shake. They say there`s no rest for the wicked. But what about the good? The battle of good and evil is never-ending... because evil always survives ... with the help of evil men. As for Daredevil, well... soon the world will know the truth. That this is a city born of heroes, that one man CAN make a difference."

"Hell`s Kitchen is my neighborhood. I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night. Watching from the darkness. Forever in darkness. A guardian devil."