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Published:September 18th, 2009 19:52 EST
I`ll Believe You-- Unplugged

I`ll Believe You-- Unplugged

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

OK, so you`re living where life is slow, very s-l-o-w "Melbourne, Florida, corporate home of Hose World," the largest dealer of hose and hose-related items on the Space Coast.  Not to worry.  You have the imagination of Merlin and the energy of the Road Runner.  All you need is a microphone to make magic, right?


Right!  Dale Sweeney (David Alan Basche) manages to melt his imagination, his curiosity and his energy into hosting his own call-in radio show on WMEL-- with a twist.  Dale is constantly looking for extraterrestrial life and trying to prove that the unbelievable can happen. 


Unfortunately, he is a prophet without honor in his own land with the world`s worst time slot and his show is about to be canceled, and Dale is headed to hose world when his fortunes are transformed by a mysterious caller. Thoughts of an ethereal, mysterious caller, UFOs and aliens from other worlds drive the town to chase the dream.  And, before it`s over you`ll believe-- because you want to believe.


Basche is surrounded by an inventive and creative cast which includes Patrick Warburton, Mo Rocca, Ed Helms, Chris Elliot, Patrick Gallo and Fred Willard who wake the senses with their clever conversations.  A sci-fi film like no other, where you won`t need little green men and laser lights.  I`ll Believe You " is driven by the gifted writing of Ted Sullivan, Sean McParlin and Paul Francis Sullivan, who also brilliantly directs this tale of logic vs. longing to believe.


The kids will love I`ll Believe You, and it`s destined to be a family favorite.  Pop the corn, kick back and prepare for the treat you`re promised.  This sci-fi thriller will carry you away along with the dynamic sound track served up by composer, J.J. McGeehan, that will captivate you forever.


Now available on DVD-- if it`s sold out, hover!  You`ll want a copy of your very own.


I`ll believe you