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Published:January 30th, 2010 11:10 EST
Defiance Film Review

Defiance Film Review From The SOP

By Garrett Godwin

Daniel Craig became an action hero thanks to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace as a James Bond for the post-9/11 generation, and continues to maintain that status as a leading man with 2008`s Defiance.

Defiance Film Review

Set in Germany during World War II, it is the true story of Tuvia (Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber), Asael (Jamie Bell), and Aron (George McKay) Bielski: Jewish brothers who become freedom fighters to avenge and honor the death of their parents.  They also took a page out of Robin Hood, as they started killing their enemies, robbing them of their weapons, ammunition, and food, giving them to their fellow brethern.  Like the Prince of Thieves, they hide out in the woods, where everyone had to pitched in with chores and building houses with using the skills and abilites they`ve been blessed with to create a safe haven of their own.  Another reason the Bielski brothers are more like the Sherwood Forest good guy outlaw is that they fight tyranny and oppression on behalf of those that can`t fight for themselves.

Defiance is another inspiring movie, where ordinary people are thrusted -- and sometimes forced through circumstances -- to do extraordinary things.  It is more than a film about the continuing strength of the human spirit.  This is another film for the Great Recession because it is about brotherhood, family, hope, love, and faith.