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Published:January 31st, 2010 15:44 EST

Watchmen Film Review From The SOP

By Garrett Godwin


Justice is coming to all of us.  No matter what we do.

The graphic novel Watchmen was brought to life on the big screen last year from 300 director Zack Snyder featuring a talented cast of versatile and veteran character actors like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Grey`s Anatomy), Jackie Earle Haley (The Bad News Bears, Human Target), Billy Crudup, and Carla Gugino (Sin City). 


The year is 1985, and Tricky "I am not a crook" Dicky Nixon is once again the President of the United States for the fifth time.  Once considered as champions of the innocent and defenders of the weak, superheroes like the Watchmen were now outlawed and had two choices: retired their costumes, live normal lives, and out themselves to the world, or continue the good fight in the service of law enforcement and government agencies.  One night, the Comedian, aka Edward Blake (Morgan), died in New York City, and Rorschach (Haley) decides to investigate with the initial theory that someone is targeting masked crimefighters.  But the more he and the Watchmen digs deeper to find the truth, the more questions they find, as they soon uncover an conspiracy that could threaten the world with an climatic ending that will shock and surprise you.

The response of Watchmen has been mixed due to the length of the film and the complex storyline.  Some of the protagonists like the Comedian and Rorschach aren`t virtuous or pure at heart.  They`re both anti-heroes because of their shady methods and personalities.  Rorschach, for example, is the narrator of the film: chronicling his probe into the Comedian`s death like a hardboiled private detective with "the ends that jusify the means" motto, yet he considers this as a battle between good and evil.  The Comedian isn`t a joke because he raped Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I (Gugino), which led to their daughter Laurie, who reluctantly follows in her mother`s footsteps.  However, throughout the film, he is wracked with guilt over what he has done over the years.

Watchmen shows the cynical downside of being an superhero, and by looking at the characters outside the costume through their human impulses, tragedies, desires, and frailities.  Watchmen isn`t anything like Batman, Superman, the Justice League of America, or the Avengers, for it broke new ground and shattered the concept of the superhero mythology.

They watch over us, but who watches over them?