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Published:April 22nd, 2010 11:42 EST
Milk Money The Movie

Milk Money The Movie

By Mimi Amaral

Milk Money: Even in Doubt, God`s There!

This movie, loosely based off true events, is a realistic view of hard times and hardship, which can only be turned around through God`s inspiration and grace.  Shot in Oakland, California, this film highlights how far a man will go to save someone he loves, but will he go too far and loose his faith?

Banneker, played by Big Spence, taken in at a young age and raised by his Christian aunt Karyn, played by Phyllis Anderson, unexpectedly discovered she was diagnosed with cancer. Through all the doctors, hospitals, treatments, and prayers Banneker`s aunt continued down a slippery-slope with an adverse prognosis.

Taking matters into his own hands Bannerker made a few wrong turns and relied on the wrong kind of friend.  D Rock, played by Alphonso Thompson, a long time hustler, convinced Bannerker that a CEO can make more money than a worker, which started him on the path of pushing a pharmaceutical grade THC on the streets. Soon the word got around and Bannerker was faced with serious trouble; his brother Cecil, played by Phaethon Devlin Brown, who owned the streets that Bannerker was working, wanted his cut of the money.

This intensely emotional adrenaline-ridden journey was directed by: Samm Styles, known for his work in 2007s Black August. He also worked with Kirk Franklin, MC Hammer, and Gary Dourdan.  The Cinematography was done by Luke Rocheleau, known for his refreshing artistic capabilities while working on projects like: Sherlock Holmes, Juko`s Time Machine, My Movie Girl, Renouncing Angelica, and The child. This film was written by Big Spence and Composed by Jason Solowsky.

This film already has DVD distribution and is now working on Theatrical.  For additional information regarding the release date and premier date, held in Oakland, go to the website at:, and become a fan on Facebook by going to:!/pages/Milk-Money-the-movie/330417426656?ref=ts.