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Published:April 26th, 2010 18:47 EST
Knight Rider "One Man Who Can Make a Difference"

Knight Rider "One Man Who Can Make a Difference"

By Garrett Godwin


For four years, they rode together -- a man who did not exist, and a car unlike any other.  Now, in the year 2000, they are together again

Knight Rider 2000
was the first attempt of continuing the Knight Rider legacy into the 1990s -- reuniting David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, the late Edward Mulhare as Devon Miles, and William Daniels as the voice of KITT.

The year is 2000, where handguns are banned and ultrasound weapons are used by the police to neutralize criminals rather than killing them.  The Knight Foundation is in the process of getting the Knight 4000 -- aka KIFT -- on the streets, but their contract with the city is in jeopardy.  So, Devon calls in his protégé and old friend Michael Knight for help.  For the last ten years, he`s been in seclusion: running an unsuccessful boat charter business, no longer the "one man who can make a difference". 

At first Michael`s not interested, but after consideration, he agrees on one condition: to see KITT, who`s been dismantled by new boss Maddock (Carmen Argenziano, Stargate SG-1).  Michael and Devon got most of KITT`s parts back, who`s been implanted into Michael`s 1957 Chevy.  His other chip has been implanted into the brain of former policewoman Shawn McCormick (Susan Norman), who was shot in the head by corrupt police officers led by Watts (Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files). 

Now, Michael, KITT, and new Foundation operative Shawn must team up to stop them and save the future.

Knight Rider 2000 aired on NBC in the spring of 1991 as a Sunday night movie, which was also a proposed pilot for a new series.  Despite high ratings, there are misses in the movie.  For instance, whatever happened to Bonnie (Patrica McPherson), April (Rebecca Holden), and RC3 (Peter Parros)?  Why are they not in the film?  Another is (SPOLIER ALERT!) killing off Devon, the Knight 4000 being red, and KITT being the Knight 4000 rather than the Knight 3000. 

Knight Rider 2000 would`ve been better as the first of several television movies: with Michael Knight continuing his lone crusade when he discovers that he has a son he never knew about and sets out to find him.  Devon is still alive and remains the head of the Foundation for Law & Government (FLAG), as he, Bonnie, April, and RC3 work together in creating the Knight 3000 with all new capabilities.  Michael and his long-lost son get to know one another, as he trains to him to be his successor: the "one man who can make a difference".  Michael remains with the Foundation, but now as mentor to his son, who takes on his father`s namesake.

Knight Rider 2000
is available in Knight Rider`s first season on DVD.