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Published:May 23rd, 2010 11:52 EST
Batman 3: Gotham City

Batman 3: Gotham City

By Tony Graff

Let`s be honest, as soon as we saw the Dark Knight, we were immediately scouring the internet trying to find rumors about what was going to happen for the third movie. I was too. 

One of the most prominent rumors is that the Riddler will be the feature villain. I want to believe that, and there have been multiple rumors about who is to take that role, the most prominent being Johnny Depp. Everyone thinks Johnny Depp could do that role., however, has a poster on their site with, believe it or not, David Tennant as the Riddler. That got me excited. 

All the fans who grew to love the Joker`s sadistic laugh were also pondering having Harley Quinn join the ranks of Batman villains. That has potential. Christopher Nolan has been making especially sure that his movies don`t reach the comical levels that previous Batman movies have gone to, not that we didn`t love Jim Carrey as the Riddler or Jack Nicholson`s role as the Joker. Throughout Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, one of the most powerful elements is the believability of the movies and the themes involved. 

Of everything involved with the third Batman movie, rumored to be titled Gotham City, the one we are most desperate to hear about is when is it going to hit theaters. The fans are saying 2011, but people closer involved with the production are saying 2012 or 2013. So, Batman fans who believe the Mayan calender are positively depressed about those dates. 

One of the big reasons we are so entranced by the possibilities of the third movie is the incredible storytelling Nolan has invested in these movies. The biographies of every character blend into the here and now story masterfully, and still maintain that reality that Batman Begins and the Dark Knight  had. The cartoons we grew up on were amazing, but so many characters just weren`t believable in real life - no matter how hard we tried, we couldn`t make the Ice Man or Poison Ivy realistic. 

There is so much that can be done for Gotham City. There are still so many villains that can be done well, and so many amazing stories that can be told. But for now, most of those stories are the rumors about this elusive third movie. 

We`re waiting somewhat patiently, Christopher Nolan. Please don`t disappoint.