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Published:July 21st, 2010 15:18 EST
Dreamscape Cinema

Dreamscape Cinema

By Tony Graff

Last night I watched the Leonardo DiCaprio head trip, Inception. It was an enjoyable film, not a big surprise from the director of the Dark Knight and Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan. This is one of those movies that makes you question the boundaries of reality, especially the end of the movie. The story itself is beautifully told, and the graphics, camera angles, and the little details Nolan is known for really added to the movie`s power. 


But, to be honest, Japan beat us to a great movie about dream-sharing, and manipulation through the use of dreams. Not many people have heard of it since it resides in the realm and classification of anime, but Satoshi Kon`s Paprika, produced in 2006, really set the standard for movies that relied on dreams to develop the story. Dream-sharing and dream recording were a major factor in this movie, while Inception built its well-driven plot from only the ability to share a dream with another person. 


In Paprika, therapists use technology to enter the dream world of their patients and better treat them for the problems they face in real life. This technology gets stolen by one of the people that developed it, now addicted to the world where rules don`t apply. However, all his time in the dream world begins breaking boundaries between dreams, building a huge collective of all the oddities people have dreamed up. It looks kind of trippy, but it definitely shows the full spectrum of how people interact with their subconscious. 


Now, take out the idea of recording dreams so we can watch them again, add Mission Impossible and Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai, and we`ve now created Inception. The peculiarities people form in their dreams are very toned down, but almost every law of physics is still broken. 


2010 has really been the year to support the movie theater. Amazing movies have been coming out left and right, from How to Train Your Dragon to Twilight series: Eclipse, and Inception does not disappoint.