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Published:September 1st, 2010 19:21 EST
Betty Dravis

Chase Von Sharing Dynamic Co-founder of Pacino Worldwide, Jackie Krudop by Betty Dravis!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

by Betty Dravis


Betty Dravis: Welcome to Dames of Dialogue, Jackie. It`s not every day I interview a woman with your special mission in life. In fact, I never met anyone who does what you do...With millions of blogs and websites on the internet, I never even thought of interviewing a site owner "until I stumbled across Pacino Worldwide and wondered who was behind the fascinating site.

I did a little research and the more I learned about you and your dedication to the fabulous actor, Al Pacino, the more intrigued I became. You have a dream and are working hard to make it happen. You are a Dream Reacher and qualify as a celebrity to me and my co-author Chase Von.


Phenomenal Web Designer for Pacino Worldwide, Jackie Krudop!


Jackie Krudop: Thanks for inviting me here, Betty. I`m pleased with the kindness you`ve shown towards my dream. Some people may consider it silly, but to me it`s a labor of love. I know your Dream Reachers books are all about celebrities achieving their dreams, so I get a laugh from that... I am far from a celebrity! But when I learned that you and Chase consider everyone`s life worthy of celebration and all it takes to be a celebrity is to have a dream and fulfill it, that`s when I began to celebrate my own "celebrity" status. (laughs)

In a lot of ways I feel like a celebrity to Al`s fans because I get emails and tons of compliments on things I have posted on Facebook, such as photos from events, appearances and such. Maybe I post something that they may not have had the chance to see in their part of the world because of press or what not... That word "celebrity" is still a little new to me, but secretly, it makes the old ego feel realllyy good! (laughs) In fact, Betty, this interview makes me feel very confident right now. I thank you.

Betty Dravis: It`s our pleasure, Jackie, and you got it right! Life is as fun as you make it...  But now please tell us what your website is all about. I know you adore Al Pacino and your website states: Maintaining the integrity of an artist at a level deserving of the man it honors. Just what does that mean to you?



Jackie`s Treasure!


For the entire interview, do visit the below link: