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Published:August 5th, 2006 17:40 EST
Burning Earth- High Voltage Rock from Pennsylvania

Burning Earth- High Voltage Rock from Pennsylvania

By Lonny Stewart

With a name like Burning Earth, the quartet from Fayette Nam, Pennsylvania may mislead many into thinking they’re a Death or Doom Metal band. After all, when your band’s moniker sounds right at home next to names like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and Killswitch Engage, it’s only natural to think about busting out the Icy-Hot for those muscles in your neck that are desperately going to need it after banging your head for an hour straight. Fear not, because Burning Earth is nothing of the sort.

Let’s not give the impression that they’re sissies, either. Burning Earth demonstrates their ability to make accessible rock music that makes use of deep, brooding vocals, heavy distortion and crisp drumming. Several songs have fairly mellow beginnings with calmer vocals that lead up to the hook. For these reasons, they have more in common with Staind, Creed and Default than with the aforementioned groups.

Bubsy, the lead singer, has a surprisingly larger vocal range than many of his contemporary vocalists. For example, he can actually hit notes and sustain them. There aren’t any moments during the tracks where he’s painfully off-key like so many Emo singers of today. His distinctive voice often reminds listeners of Layne Staley from Alice in Chains, which is a fairly significant compliment considering that Layne was the definitive voice for the post-grunge era. Bubsy’s ability to stretch notes is on par with Staley’s.

The acoustic tracks are where Burning Earth really shines. The track “Mold” was especially memorable due to its impressive guitar hook in the beginning. Listening to acoustic versions of their songs give a more complete picture of Burning Earth’s musical talent. The acoustic versions allow listeners to pick up the subtle nuances of the guitar and vocals that normally would be drowned out by the drums and bass.

Burning Earth will be a welcome addition to fans of post-grunge and modern rock. Their appeal to many mainstream rock fans should be great, too.