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Published:February 21st, 2007 11:03 EST

Valley Business Partners Wage War Against Payola

By SOP newswire

Indie Artists Weigh In As They Get Geared To Fight For Their Chance To Be Heard And Seen Though Labels Battle Their Phlight.

Independent artists locally and abroad are frustrated with mainstream record labels for glamorizing self indulgent celebrities while catering to the greed of commercial radio program director's by a technique the New York Post calls, "Payola". These artists feel that they deserve a forum to be heard, and fairly expose their point of view, which launched the idea to create "Da'Jumpoff Mag-Zine". According to Editor and Co-founder Imantrek-AREA726 Prod., "It has been real frustrating trying to get exposure for up and coming artists in Tv and Print.  We've created this mag-zine to give the independent artist an even playing field with well known national artists.

The Lehigh Valley, as well other thriving communities around the world, has an abundance of local talent spanning from polka, salsa, merengue, soul, funk, blues, country, alrernative rock, heavy metal, speed metal, punk, rhythm & blues, reggae, ska and yes Hip Hop.
"We (The Lehigh Valley) are in a unique position because we are located between New York City and Philadelphia. We have an untapped pool of artists who need exposure, which will enable them to advance to the next level.", says Imantrek-AREA726 Prod.

Da'Jumpoff Mag-zine will include in-depth interviews with independent musicians, tv & radio personalities, sculptors, painters, poets, fashion designers etc. and will also open it's pages to the artists online ( i.e.,, etc.) who also wish to be exposed. "I was suprised by the overwhelming response of artists, not just musicians eager to be interviewed by our staff. We plan on changing the way artist's look at the entertainment and art industry, by providing genuine journalistic coverage."

 The first issue of Da' Jumpoff Mag-zine is set to hit the market mid March, which will emcompass a unique niche audinece. "We are lucky to have such a wide variety of talent. they really make our jobs seem easy. We believe that if you have a good product, it will sell itself, but it still needs to be seen. That's where we come in." says "Da' Pinksta"(Co-owner of Da' Jumpoff Mag-zine). I'm glad they (Da' Jumpoff Mag-zine) started this venture because it gives artists like myself the oppurtunity to let the crowd decide who they want to listen to not a "Payola" minded A&R or Program Director" says Dj.Devious Taz of WLVR's 91.3FM Urban Friday's 2pm-4pm.

Da' Jumpoff Mag-zine will be hosting their first issue release party at the Tk's Playdrome March 10th (15th and Sumner Ave. Allentown, Pa. Doors at 8pm-2am), and will showcase the areas hottest talent. "This is our oppurtunity to show the world what we (The Lehigh Valley) are made of. We will be conducting a Model search for our upcoming issues, a DVD video shoot, and a meet and greet session for new artists from around the region. We have also booked Dj. Devious Taz to keep the crowd going. It's going to be a special night for everyone involved"says Da'Pinksta.

 Da' Jumpoff Mag-Zine was founded in 2007 to provide independent artists with a forum to display their talents to a worldwide spectrum. The website ( will also include an intuitive blog space packed informative advice from industry professionals.

If you'd like more information about this topic,or to schedule an interview, or to advertise with Da' Jumpoff Mag-Zine, please call Sydney Mckenzie @ 484-894-4455 or email inquiries to