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Published:March 22nd, 2007 02:39 EST
Soldiers Angels and Singer Songwriter Shawn Hlookoff Join Forces

Soldiers Angels and Singer Songwriter Shawn Hlookoff Join Forces

By SOP newswire

Pasadena California – Soldiers Angels and Singer-Songwriter, Shawn Hlookoff , have produced a moving music video and song “Soldier” dedicated to honoring the men and women of our Armed Forces in a respectful manner. The artist and Soldiers Angels are donating this DVD and song for free (download) to every school in the country for use as a Memorial Day tribute and learning tool. They are reaching out to each school and teacher personally in an effort to get to speak to our nation’s educators and students. The goal is to donate this contemporary DVD as a new vision for our schools Memorial Day ceremonies.

Entitled “Soldier”, the video and song is a tribute to our military personnel and highlights the sacrifices our service members and their families willingly make. The song and video walk that fine line, neither commenting on whether a war is right or wrong, if the politics should be left or right, but squarely tackles the personal issues that Armed Forces Members and their families face each and everyday.

As a result of hundreds of ongoing requests from educators across the country, Hlookoff and Soldiers Angels have donated unlimited free downloads of his “Soldier” video and song and the free usage of this contemporary tribute to every school in the country. The downloads can be accessed at and

Hundreds of fallen soldiers families ask for permission to use Soldier for use as their lost loved ones memorial service music.

This “staggeringly beautiful” tribute to the Forces first surfaced on the net around 8 months ago. It generated national attention in Canada where a Canadian version was produced for its Remembrance Day Nov 11th. Over 4000 Canadian schools downloaded the DVD for use in their ceremonies and class projects.

“I feel very strongly about this issue” states the 22 year old Hlookoff (pron Ha-Loo-Koff) “Since releasing this song I have had hundreds of soldiers and their families write me to ask if they can use it for their sons or daughters memorial service, I have been blown away and am deeply touched”. Soldiers Angels Founder, Patti Patton-Baden was immediately struck by the emotionally charged song. “When Shawn approached us for help in getting the word out, we were more than excited”. “Soldiers Angels is a world-wide organization whose sole focus is to make the lives of soldiers everywhere honored and looked after, we are not a political leaning group and found that this song focused on the same values as our organization, caring and respect. We also feel that this contemporary vision and voice for Memorial Day is an ideal way to reach today’s students in a way few things can.”   To date, 1000’s of teachers and students have downloaded the files for use as a Memorial Day video tribute, class project and many other student projects.

To find out more about this story please visit the 3 sites dedicated to this donation or . To find out more about the artist go to To arrange for an interview or to ask for more information write Hlookoff press liaison John Graham at 778-338-3908 or Soldiers Angels National Press Director Shelle Michaels at