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Published:April 6th, 2007 06:16 EST
Jamaica's Cosmic Dancers Beam Dancehall Vibez Into The Valley

Jamaica's Cosmic Dancers Beam Dancehall Vibez Into The Valley

By SOP newswire


The Lehigh Valley isn't exactly a hot bed for Dancehall Reggae, but there is definatley a community of fans already accustomed to Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, and Reggaeton artists. Like Hip Hop, the Dancehall style of music is spinoff of Roots Reggae, which is a spin off of SKA. (The real SKA from Jamaica.) The punk scene has morphed there idea of modern ska, which has also become very popular, and this new genre has attracted fans who prefer live music. "Dancehall music has reached a new high in fan awareness and support. It is no longer limited to the Big Cities or remote islands. With the emergence of the internet and DVD sales, fans can become very familiar with the art without getting a washed down replica."

Most of us never get the chance to view an authentic Dancehall Event. They are normally held in Philadelphia or New York,  but time and money are usually limited. DEM-A-DO Promotions has bridged the cultural gap, and they have announced a new exciting lineup for the summer. The  Cosmic Dancers from Jamaica West Indies will kick off this years promotional push at Club Fahrenheit in Bethlehem. According to Imantrek, " We are excited to be bringing credible talent from the islands, while fusing the needs of various music lovers. We intend to bring different demographics and genre's together as we market our new entertainment publication Groun' Zero Mag-zine. This publication will focus on the struggles of the independent artist, producer, filmaker, model, comedian, etc."

Man cannot live by dance alone, and to answer this problem, DEM-A-DO Promotions is very maticulous with who they book to ensure positive vibrations that everyone can enjoy. Anyone who has ever had the fortune of visiting Jamaica, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii will appreciate the earthy movements and dance routines designed by the Cosmic Dancers. They have appeared in major music videos with Shaggy, have toured the world with Elephant Man, and also found the time to record a dub-plate with Bushman (another Roots Reggae Icon). They have also done numerous shows with Father Bogle, who is said to have brought the dancehall style of dance to America. This migration of movements can be parralled only to the music introduced by the late Bob Marley. In the words of the late Father Bogle, "Everybody can dance, but everyone is not a dancer;"   

The Cosmic Dancers travel back and forth from Jamaica, and have performed in numerous engagements with Squeeze of Link Up Radio. "I am in the process of working on a few singles with Chuck-T production in the Bronx NY & Burning Bushes Production located in Jamaica. Living in Jamaica and traveling to other places has affected my music in a few ways. It allows me to become a stronger song writer base upon experiences that I have had. This also enables me to write me songs more towards the upliftment of the people and to share with them things that they may lack knowledge of."

Groun' Zero Mag-zine in association with DEM-A-DO Promotions will be hosting this event at Club Fahrenheit in Bethlehem April 14th (Doors at 9pm-2am), and will showcase the Cosmic Dancers with opening acts by the areas hottest talent. "This is our oppurtunity to show the world what we (The Lehigh Valley) are made of. We will be conducting a Model search for our upcoming issues, a DVD/TV video shoot by Sneak Tip Media, and a meet and greet session for new artists from around the region. "We want to give something back to the artists by providing adequate coverage, promotion, and distribution of every event. We plan on involving other media outlets to help get our music scene where it needs to be, but we need the support of the Lehigh Valley to make this happen." says Imantrek.  

 Groun' Zero Mag-Zine was originally founded in 2001 as a DVD, but have recently announced a paper and online edition. This will give independent artists a forum to display their talents to a worldwide spectrum, via online downloads, marketing, and video streaming. The website ( ) will also include an intuitive blog space packed informative advice from industry professionals.

If you'd like more information about this topic,or to schedule an interview, or to advertise with Groun' Zero Mag-Zine, please call Imantrek @ 484-894-4455 or email inquiries to

For listing:
Jamaica's Cosmic Dancers Beam Dancehall Vibes Into Valley
Club Fahrenheit
946 Evans Street
DEM-A-DO Promotions/ Groun Zero Mag-Zine Present:
Cosmic Dancers (Live Dance Show) from Jamaica W.I.
Music by: Dj. Carlos of Blacklove Sound, Dj Devious Taz, Dj Jay
Live performances from Area726, Sneak Tip Media, Frankie Needlez
Special invited guest TBA, 21+ Tight Security
April 14th, 9pm-2am $10 cover