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Published:April 28th, 2007 08:29 EST
Sanjaya Malakar American Idol Break Down

Sanjaya Malakar American Idol Break Down

By Sarah Schwarz

Sanjaya Malakar, poor boy.  He thought he had it all.  He made it on American Idol thinking he could make it all the way.  Little girls were crushing on him like crazy.  So many people thought he was going to be the next boy all the girls wanted.

He sang great at times and then at other times he was horrible.  He was not afraid to show people who he really was, and we all know he was not embarrassed in the clothes he wore or the way he did his hair.  He was fearless.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated and everyone cheered in the audience.  The poor guy thought he had it all, but for him it was really just a front.  He cried his eyes out in front of everyone; he literally broke down.

This should be a life lesson to us.  When we think we have it all like Sanjaya thought, do not stop giving your one hundred percent. Keep giving it all and we will get more.  I hope Sanjaya can go back and keep his singing career going.