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Published:July 10th, 2007 03:42 EST
Bon Jovi's Lost Highway Leads To A Found Treasure

Bon Jovi's Lost Highway Leads To A Found Treasure

By Maria Grella

Bon Jovi has had a long-lasting career based on good music, faithful fans and the ability to gain new followers with each successive album.  Continuing on the country path of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” a song performed with country star Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, the band has followed up with an entire collection of Nashville friendly songs.  In fact, Lost Highwaywas recorded in Nashville, TN.

At first thought, Bon Jovi purists may want to down a bottle of bad medicine.  After all, what do these Jersey boys, the undisputed kings of anthem rock songs, know about country music?  Are the guys who can sell out Giant Stadium faster than you can blink, turning in their steel horses for a seat at the rodeo?  Will they ever be allowed on the Jersey Turnpike again after this potential fiasco?  Not to worry; Bon Jovi will not be run out of the Garden State any time soon.  Though the disc isn’t the big hair sound many are used to, it is only a small departure from the evolution the fellas have been making all along.  And while critics will see Lost Highway as the guys selling out, other, more open- minded individuals will find a great surprise.  The album is good…damn good, and worth the ride.

The title track, “Lost Highway,” is the strong anthem for which every Bon Jovi album is famous.  The lyrics are a wonderful metaphor for life, not to mention a great sing-along, road trip song.  Played live at the recent Live Earth concert in Giants Stadium, it has already proven that the song can fill a big arena well.

The second track dips a little deeper into the country sound, but not unbearably so.  “Summertime” is, as the name suggests, a summer tune to flip on while flipping burgers.

“(You Want To) Make A Memory,” the first single off Lost Highway, is destined to be a wedding staple.  Heart-wrenching lyrics, a gorgeous melody, and strong vocals from Jon add up to the biggest reason to buy this record.

The cowboy good-old-times continue with “Whole Lot of Leavin’.”  Superstars Big & Rich help Bon Jovi introduce themselves to new fans with “We Got It Going On.”

“Everybody’s Broken” and “The Last Night” is a feel-good, life song, along the same lines of Have A Nice Day’s “Welcome To Wherever You Are.”

 “The Last Night” is another melodic, sing-along tune; and, “Any Other Day” is another pop ballad that hits all the right notes.

“Seat Next To You,” and “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore,” a duet with Leann Rimes, are also love ballads, but they don’t quite pack the same punch as power ballads of the past, but they do hold their own.

“One Step Closer” finds Bon Jovi singing about taking chances and reaching contentment with the journey of life.  “I Love This Town” has a nice open and welcoming tone, and will also play well in a big stadium, putting everyone in a good mood.

The Jersey boys haven’t lost themselves completely, and neither will listeners, should they choose to follow Bon Jovi on this new path.  What is guaranteed is the same solid melodies, improved lyrics, and Bon Jovi spirit that all their previous work has had.

Expand your mind, and take a ride on Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway.