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Published:July 27th, 2007 16:05 EST
Lifehouse - Who We Are

Lifehouse - Who We Are

By Maria Grella

Going through a few changes in band members, Lifehouse, (consisting of frontman Jason Wade, drummer Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. and bassist Bryce Soderberg), finally feels comfortable with who they are musically and as a group, as is expressed in their fourth studio album, Who We Are. Their sound has evolved to show their musical influences, while sticking to their successful recipe. And as the saying goes, if it ain`t broke, don`t fix it. And this clearly works.

The first rock/pop song, "Disarray," holds true to its title, in that the lyrics juxtapose two opposite ideas to a typical Lifehouse sound. The first single off the album, "First Time," has the band using their proven successful formula of a catchy chorus with heavy guitar and drums, adding up to a good, power-rock love song. Faith lost and a need to regain it is the topic of "Whatever It Takes." Despite the valiant and likeable lyric of "I`ll keep us together whatever it takes," the song comes off as a bit corny.

"Who We Are" sings of a tumultuous relationship that is over and restarts. "Broken" speaks of not feeling whole and trying to hold on, while "Bridges" tells of letting go of a partnership that never really worked. "Bridges" has the best intro on the disc, but a poor chorus. "The Joke" is anything but; taking inspiration from a newspaper article of a bullied boy`s suicide, this song has a beautiful harmony towards the end.

"Easier To Be" has simplistic words expressing deep thoughts. The lovely melody, catchy chorus and backing vocals serve well. "Make Me Over" contradicts the previous track, where good vocals sing of a willingness to change oneself in order to be with the other person. "Mesmerized" sounds similar to the other tunes on the album, but has an essence of a Beach Boys/Beatles vibe, as does "Learn You Inside Out." This track has a piano introduction and is a noticeable and pleasant sounding change to the hard guitar rock. The closing track on the album is a re-release of their indie days, love ballad, "Storm." This standout song has an a-cappella opening with very little instrumentation, leading to a refreshing listen.

Coming close with the adapted wedding song off of their last, self-titled album`s "You And Me," they have yet to achieve or surpass the same level of success that their first explosive hit of "Hanging By A Moment," did. Though, that monster song launched them easily onto the music scene, as fans can attest, Lifehouse is a musical group that has the spirit and talent to carry them on into possible rock history. Who We Are, displays quite plainly, who they are. A concrete rock band that has a penchant for love songs, and when taking risks with unique, new sounds, it comes as a welcome surprise.