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Published:May 8th, 2010 10:40 EST

Judyth Piazza chats with Clinton 'DJ CDUB' Washington

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Who is Liberty City?  

Liberty City is a group of Christian artists who share the same vision of bringing Christ  to the hood " and bringing the hood " to Christ. The group consists of DJ CDUB, Andone, Tri-City, Jeff Scott, Hope Son, and D DubL. 

What do they do?  

Liberty City acts on their mission statement of bringing Christ to the block " and bringing the block " to Christ by compiling songs that the hood " is more likely to enjoy. Gritty beats, punchline lyrics, and lots of bass are all characteristics of a Liberty City track. They take these profoundly hood " beats and lace them with lyrics that uplift Christ but in a way that the hood " can understand. After all the hood " is a major part of the Liberty City vision. 

Where was Liberty City established? 

Liberty City was established in Lynchburg, Va where DJ CDUB met Andone ,Jeff Scott, Tri-City, Hope Son, and D DubL. 

Why was Liberty City established? 

Liberty City was established to help bring Christ to places that aren`t necessarily acceptable of Him through music that they can enjoy but at the same time learn about the greatness of God. 

Liberty City 

Liberty City is the host of Liberty City Mixtape Vol. 1, which  is the long awaited musical venture birthed in the mind of DJ CDUB. The mixtape consists of 76 minutes of music geared to explore and expound on the reality of living a God honoring life. The title of the mixtape exemplifies the mission of the work as a whole. While Liberty City was taken from the Grand Theft Auto title, it`s a double entendre. The Liberty in Liberty City Mixtape Vol.1 " also pays homage to Liberty University`s influence on global apologetics, evangelism, and discipleship. The mixtape is as gritty as an explicit scene from GTA, but provides a response and solution to those sinful exploits. The mixtape does not shy away from controversial topics but creates a work that mirrors everyday conversations and then counters them with the flowing reality of God`s Word.  

Now that you know a little more about Liberty City as a complete body in Christ let me break it down and tell you about each artist in Liberty City: 
DJ CDUB was a junior in high school when he figured a way to re-wire his standard Stereo CD player to his mother`s record player in order to create a 3-track recorder. This allowed him to layer his voice over instrumentals and add scratch effects while using the same record player. The recordings were poor and his rap was off beat, but he exemplified hip-hop in its truest form " Raw, from the heart, and against all odds.  
After DJ CDUB graduated from high school he used some of his graduation money to purchase a pair of Gemini belt-driven turntables, and a Gemini mixer. By the end of college, DJ CDUB replaced his CD player with a computer and entered the world of digital recording. When DJ CDUB graduated from Clarion University in 2002 he had recorded 3 mixtapes and a solo project.  
After graduation, DJ CDUB moved from Northwest Pennsylvania to Texas so he could attend Dallas Theological Seminary. He sought to fulfill the call God put in his heart to be a fulltime minister. At that point in his life he given up on music and sold his equipment to pay bills. He also doubted his ability to create music that Christ could use that would have an impact on society. After a year of seminary, DJ CDUB had to leave seminary for financial reasons. Instead of moving back to Northwest PA, he stayed in Texas, worked menial jobs, and was accepted into Young Guns, the men`s mentoring group of Pastor Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church. While attending that church he became involved with PLUMBLINE, the college ministry of Denton Bible Church geared to minister to African-Americans at the University of North Texas. There he met Christian artists to be, LeCrae Moore and Tedashii Anderson. Up until then, DJ CDUB had taught himself how to structure music, rap, and DJ. He didn`t realize a lot of his musical composition problems were simply a result of not knowing how to perform them correctly. DJ CDUB learned song structure and lyricism from these artists. He was also given the opportunity to perform on stage and become a part of their recordings. By the time DJ CDUB moved to Virginia to continue seminary, he had learned enough to start recording again. He also learned enough that he would be able to teach others the same.  
In 2005 DJ CDUB met Andone. Andone had never rapped before but he had three qualities that exemplified what DJ CDUB was looking for to start recording again: Andone was humble; he took correction well; and he wasn`t prideful. It was the summer of 2006 before DJ CDUB was able to start saving enough money to build a home studio. During that same summer DJ CDUB and Andone wrote 150 songs. They sacrificed time and personal life to ensure that when the Liberty City Mixtape dropped it would be something they could be proud of and promote without reservation. Andone and DJ CDUB have made a commitment that they will NEVER put out any music that would be considered wack or defile Jesus Christ.  
Jeff Scott  
Jeff Scott was also around from the beginning of the mixtape. After DJ CDUB got a clear vision of what he wanted the mixtape to sound like he re-contacted Jeff Scott. Jeff came in and laid down the smooth R&B vocals heard on the mixtape. Expect an official Jeff Scott album to be released on DJ CDUB`s record label, Transition Records.  
Tri-City and DJ CDUB met each other through a ministry called THE CENTER, in Lynchburg, VA. DJ CDUB was Tri-City`s mentor. DJ CDUB, who is 27 years old, mentored Tri-City (who is 17) in how to live holy, and to understand and apply scripture to daily living. The two freestyled together often but DJ CDUB did not know how good Tri was until he tested him out on the end of the song Deuce. Not only did Tri-City write and record his bars in one hour, he had never heard the song before he wrote his verse. Expect an official Tri-City album to be released on DJ CDUB`s record label, Transition Records.  
D DubL 

D DubL more commonly pronounced as D Double met DJ CDUB through Dubl`s younger cousin Tri-City who had already recorded Liberty City Mixtape Vol.1 with DJ CDUB and the rest of the Liberty City members. DubL called CDUB on an almost everyday basis until CDUB finally gave DubL a shot. CDUB told DubL to write a verse to the popular single You Can Get Up, " DJ CDUB meant to tell him to write a verse to U Don`t Know Where I`m Frm. " The next day D DubL called CDUB and said that he had finished his verse to You Can Get Up ". It was then that CDUB realized that there had been a miscommunication error on his behalf and told D Dubl to go ahead and rap it for him anyway. D DubL rapped his verse and in about 45 seconds CDUB was ready to sign DubL and was talking about making the remix to the song.  Expect an official D DubL album to be released on DJ CDUB`s record label, Transition Records. 

Hope Son  
Hope Son brings the business aspect of the label full circle. Hope Son simply makes things happen. If you give Hope Son one dollar, he`ll come back with two. If you give him two, he`ll come back with four, and so on. The entire team is made up of individuals who have one goal, one God, are united by one church, and have one purpose: - Rep Christ hot, make it plain, make Him known, and bring em` home. 

That is just a little bit of information on Liberty City. 

Contact Information  

Name: Clinton DJ CDUB " Washington


Myspace Address:

Phone number: 434-401-6162