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Published:September 13th, 2007 05:57 EST

Judyth Piazza chats with Saylah, Christian Rap artist

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Jamil aka Saylah is Christian Rap artist out of San Jose,who"attends W.C.A.P.E.C with His Wife, Candice, and two boys Malachi and Josiah.

He has recently released his first single "A look inside" titled after the soon to be released Album "A Look Inside". With this project Saylah`s states "The Purpose, is to establish the reality that inside of you lies the answer to your problems. An Outside look or "First Glimpse" at something can be deceiving, but as we begin to deeply look inside, we posses a deeper understanding of that specific thing. In simple terms, my prayer is that God would use this project to "Challenge" YOU the listener to become more like Him, starting from the Inside First. Let the richness of Christ`s Character be your leading example of the life you lead. Before we can change the world we must first change ourselves. Now is the time, to Look Inside"

One of Saylah`s primary goals is to promote, help, encourage, advance, assist, support, and further God`s kingdom. We(Saylah and his wife Candice) consider ourselves promoters of God`s awesome Truth. While the God of this age seems to revolve around everything but God; our focus is to reach the masses, using music as the portal, to be able to teach, train, and change people`s mindset of the times.

Another goal is to (through music/ teaching/training) bring back to the Church and the World the Reverential Fear of God. (Romans 3:18), we feel that there is a lack of Fear because there is a lack of knowledge of who God truly is. Through in depth training conferences, discipleship, concert outreach and Prayer, we feel this will be accomplished. Saylah states "Its more than just music, this is a CALL to really be changed from the inside out. Words alone will not save us, our inner most parts must thirst and hunger after the living GOD who forever reigns!!!""

Make sure you download Saylah`s new single "A Look Inside" @