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Published:November 18th, 2007 13:41 EST
Heavy Metal: Drachen Ready to Unleash New Material

Heavy Metal: Drachen Ready to Unleash New Material

By Almas Records

The swamplands of East Texas might not seem like the kind of place that would produce European influenced heavy metal these days, but don’t tell that to the members of Drachen.

“People think of Texas as being for country or blues-rock, but we are carrying on the tradition of true melodic heavy metal,” said Drachen bassist/frontman, Chester Moore.

“After all, Pantera came from the Lone Star State and, while musically we are different from them, we certainly share that spirit of taking no prisoners on stage and in the studio.”

Drachen are currently recording their first full-length CD, “Consequences of Creation” for Almas Records. With titles like “Marching into Hell,” “Mokele Mbembe” and “The Familiar Spirit,” Moore promises a disc full of interesting songs.

“One thing you will not get from us is a CD full of songs sounding exactly the same. We have a lot of diversity in our songs but they have a style that links them which is something we are proud of and lyrically it’s a bit different from most bands. When we talk about the dark side as in ‘The Familiar Spirit’ we’re warning against toying with the unknown instead of becoming a slave to it.”

Writing for the disc has taken place throughout 2007 and, with all songs written, rehearsals are underway. There will be 10 tracks on the CD with a bonus track, along with an as-yet named cover song.

"I like all of the songs, but I really like 'Morning Star' for just being brutal. 'Endless Night' is awesome because it gives me a much-needed break. Which, in turn, allows me to listen to how amazing Raven's vocals are,” said drummer Aron Boyle.

“Well, I definitely have to push myself to a higher level on the Drachen material than I do with my other band, Freak13,” Raven said.

“Freak13 has a lot of vocal diversity in and of itself, but Drachen has many more different vocal styles that I'm only just now getting used to singing, such as more ‘operatic’ vocals. I'm in no way, shape or form trained as an opera singer; but, I do incorporate touches of that singing style on some of the Drachen songs. So, it's a new level for me, vocally. I have to adapt my voice in different ways to achieve the correct sound and that’s very gratifying.”

Moore, also in FREAK13, said he has seen Raven’s vocals grow since becoming a member of Drachen.

“She really has taken things to a new level. There are singers with higher ranges and those with, maybe, more aggressive stylings; but, no one sounds like Raven. Her voice is totally unique and she is amazing at coming up with melodies. For fans of female vocals, she is reason enough to check us out.”

Raven says fans should expect a powerfu live show when the band hits the road in 2008.

“Look for lots of dynamics, many different vocal and musical changes all thrown together to make one hell of a show. We've been working hard rehearsing and getting things airtight as a band, and we're really coming together like a well-oiled machine,” she said.

“We're also not a band you'll find dilly-dallying around onstage. This band is more in your face, hit you hard and make you wonder what you just witnessed. Our sets are one hard-hitting song after another, with very few breaks in between. It’s the exact thing that we, as fans of metal, like to see in a band when we go to a show ourselves.”

Drachen has a few demo-quality sample tracks from their forthcoming CD on their myspace profile. Check it out at