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Published:November 28th, 2007 00:19 EST
TAKNbySTORM  is telling it like it is

TAKNbySTORM is telling it like it is

By Denise Kaminsky is a site where singer/songwriter Mark, aka- TAKNbySTORM, mixes his music and lyrics with Christian, Gospel, Jazz and R & B, turning the lyrics into a ballad with a positive flare without skimping on the hip hop beat.

Although his music mainly falls under the category of Christian, these songs send out generally positive messages about issues in society today and everyone's need to get along, help one another no matter what their race, creed or religion is.

The artist TAKNbySTORM grew up in a military family and spent most of his younger years living in Germany. Although he had the opportunity to listen to all types of music, Gospel seemed to be at the top of his list.

Quickly growing up, he worked on his musical talents, performed in his school's version of the show "Godspell," leading him to other auditions. He also spent time in the U.S. Army, where he wrote and kept a journal of his songs and poetry.

After he left the Army, TAKNbySTORM continued to work diligently with his music and became involved with social services, helping troubled youth.

When I asked how STORM got his name he replied,

"The name "TAKNbySTORM" comes from my personality. All my life I have been able to make friends easily.... and all of my friends always tell me that my loyalty and passion about life is addictive to them.... kind of like a storm.... how a storm picks up and gathers music does the same....the more one listens....the more that they like it....and the message is always positive."

He also added that his music attracts all ages, but mostly appeals to the age 24 and up crowd.

I recently listened to two of his songs on the album "The Beginning" which I found to be inspirational and sung from the heart, along with good sound quality.

So, be sure to have a listen on iTunes, Rhapsody or Amazon and look for more of TAKNbySTORM's music on his upcoming CD scheduled to be released in June.

TAKNbySTORM currently resides in San Antonio, Texas
To learn more about TAKNbySTORM please go to: