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Published:December 25th, 2007 07:23 EST

Judyth Piazza Gets Dazzled by Dozie

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


His sound is intoxicating - familiar, but like nothing you`ve heard before. He is Dozié, an artist who not only breaks the mold, but for whom no mold was ever made to fit. Sensual, mature, cerebral, introspective. In an industry too often focused on giggly teenagers and cookie cutter hits, he brings his hypnotic melodies, profound lyrics, and passionate voice to tell a unique story of love and struggle; one that connects those of us who have been through struggles in our own lives. It is food for your soul, the way music was truly intended to be. 
Born in Manchester, England to a Nigerian father and British mother, Dozié spent his early years moving back and forth between the UK and Nigeria. His parents had a strong interest in music and exposed him to a wide variety of artists, from Nigerian pop giants like Fela Kuti and Sir Warrior, to South African jazz gurus like Dollar Brand and Hugh Masekela, to classical composers like Handel and Bach. At the age of 10 he left home to attend a seminary where he was training to become a priest. I started out singing in church, like a lot of people. And in Africa music permeates everything we do, so it was quite natural that I gravitated towards it ", Dozié says. As he got older, his musical tastes continued to grow, and as he taught himself to play piano and guitar the songwriting soon followed, with his diverse influences luminescent in his music.

As a career, however, music was pushed to the background while Dozié focused on the most important thing in his family: education. Following his parents wishes he pursued a career as a scientist. He says, My father used to always say: you have to put food on the table, son, and a good job is the only way to guarantee that. You can worry about music later. " It was a wise piece of advice because a month before his college graduation he lost his father to a sudden heart attack. He was instantly thrust into the role of primary breadwinner, and for years focused on his family obligations and pushed his music to the background, eventually winding up in San Francisco. But the call of destiny did not let him go that easily as more people began to hear his music and were blown away by his talent. A group of investors decided to finance an album for him, enlisting the help of producer Joel Jaffe (who has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Carlos Santana), and the result was a dynamic collection of infectious tracks and crafted musicianship: "I knew I had something to share with the world", Dozié says. "It was just a matter of when".  
That time is now. Dozié brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene, and his talent is undeniable. He sings with the maturity and passion of someone who has truly experienced what he writes about. Seeing him live confirms that this is something he was simply born to do. Whether backed by a full band, or solo with just a piano or a guitar, Dozié takes to the stage with crescendos of emotion, then whispers of intimacy, fully exploring his 5-octave range. "I just love performing. The energy that I feel from the audience is indescribable", he admits. The audience is not lacking for words to describe Dozié, however, and stories of his live performances are solidifying his reputation as a must-see artist. "Ultimately, man, I just make music", he says, "It`s what I live for". As well he should. It`s been a long road, and this is just the beginning. 

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