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Published:January 3rd, 2008 09:20 EST
KRS-1 and Sedgwick & Cedar recognizing that 'Hip Hop Lives'

KRS-1 and Sedgwick & Cedar recognizing that 'Hip Hop Lives'

By SOP newswire

Sedgwick & Cedar Records, A Division of Platinum Ice Records announced that KRS-1 will drop history about the significance of Sedgwick & Cedar, the birthplace of hip-hop, on his new track "I Was There" from his new album Hip Hop Lives featuring legendary producer Marley Marl.

Many consider Sedgwick & Cedar Records the first record label of Hip Hop culture as its name represents the actual birthplace of Hip Hop in the Bronx, NYC where DJ Kool Herc spun the first records at 1520 Sedgwick Ave, first house party at August 11, 1973. Later he took those original records and moved the jam outside to Cedar Park, first block party.

Founder, Sedgwick & Cedar Records, Ray Riccio states..."KRS-1 is a giant of Hip Hop Culture. Sedgwick & Cedar is honored that he would acknowledge the significance of the birthplace of hip-hop among the pantheon of moments in hip-hop history. You know it is special when The Teacha, KRS-1, recognizes you in his brilliant lyrics. He is Hip Hop culture manifested!"

Sedgwick & Cedar is the first lifestyle brand to pay homage to the birthplace of Hip Hop, the pioneers and the icons that later spread hip-hop worldwide. Sedgwick & Cedar celebrates the heritage of Hip Hop through music and authentic clothing. They have plans to expand into publishing and film to document, preserve and pay respect to the culture.

More than 25 time Platinum Producer, Easy Mo Bee and Grand Master Caz will over see the creative direction of "Sedgwick & Cedar Records". Easy Moe Bee has produced for both Biggie Smalls + Tupac. Wu Tang, Mos Def, Alicia Keys, Big Daddy Kane and jazz great Miles Davis. Grand Master Caz is considered one of the greatest lyricists' ever. They plan to produce tracks Sedgwick & Cedar inspired from beats and lyrics from the past with collaborations from the hottest artist of today making the music hot and exciting to young listeners while rooted in Hip Hop's rich history of funk and soul.

Easy Mo Bee added, "Look for Sedgwick & Cedar Records to be a smash success. Many of the industries most notable stars are aligning with Sedgwick & Cedar Records and Platinum Ice Records for major upcoming projects to be released."

Sedgwick & Cedar clothing can be seen internationally on celebrities like Jay-z, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Pharell, Will Smith to name a few. The buzz has led to features in Vanity Fair, Blender, The Source and the product can be regular seen on MTV, BET and VH-1.

Soon Sedgwick & Cedar Records will be in heard in IPODS everywhere.

Sedgwick & Cedar Records, a Division of Platinum Ice Records. To learn more about both companies visit and

Contact Ray Riccio for interviews about Sedgwick & Cedar Records or Platinum Ice Records.