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Published:August 3rd, 2008 23:01 EST
Rap Artist Dutty Devioso is ready to "Up The Ante"

Rap Artist Dutty Devioso is ready to "Up The Ante"

By Denise Kaminsky


Hi Dutty tell me what really inspired you to want to pursue a career as a rap artist?


I always did want to be in the entertainment biz, but I never really took it serious until I got to college & K.D. & Pympwell from Groove Control Entertainment took me under their wing so to speak. It was then that I knew I could make a "living" doing this.  


How many CDs have you produced?


I have produced as a "Music Producer" a bunch of tracks for a number of local, indie & major artists.  I also made a few tracks that appear on my latest album "Up The Ante".  I`m currently working with a few local artist in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area so I will have a lot of production out there in a few months.  I have released 4 Full Albums and 2 mix tapes as a "Artist" (Resistance Is Futile, Future of Da Funk, Unda Pressure, Up The Ante - Mixtapes: Dutty B-Sides & They Hate To Like Me Vol. 1)


Tell me about where the lyrics originated for songs like Unda Pressure, Future of the Funk?


The majority of my material is from "real life events", it`s because of this, most songs name themselves depending on the situation.  It`s no different with album titles.  For example...When "Unda Pressure" dropped, best believe that`s exactly what a brotha was under.  


What do you think the fans enjoy most about you, Dutty?


My `"in-your-face" style.  I like to tell it like it is....  My swag as well.  

Realizing that you have gone through some tough times, what message would you like to share with people possibly going though tough times themselves?

Keep praying, keep your chin up, & keep hustling!


Is there any advice that you would you say to someone who wishes to pursue a career within the music industry?


I`d tell them to get their life and business together 1st...because if they`re good, they don`t want no bullsh*&t messing it up for them.  


Is there a tour schedule planned?


No Tour Schedule at this point... We will be doing shows throughout Louisiana (Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and other cities throughout the state), also targeting events in Mississippi and Texas (Festivals, Car shows, etc)


One last question, who would you consider to be you favorite rap artist?


Biggie!  Hands down!  But ya gotta admit.....Wayne is killin` these bammas right now!   


For more information on Dutty and his work go to: ,



His new album "Up the Ante" is available now


Dutty resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and continues to work on his craft.


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