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Published:August 20th, 2008 19:05 EST
Lovely Singer and Model, Leah DeVon!

Chase Von Interviews Lovely Singing Sensation, Leah DeVon!!!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Beautiful, Gifted and on the Rise Among the Stars!!!

The Beautiful and Talented, Leah DeVon!

Chase Von:  Leah, it`s so cool we connected the other day because you are one on the go Diva!  It`s had to have been almost a year since I communicated with you!  Least it feels like it.  

So on behalf of myself and the Student Operated Press, I really appreciate you finding time to share yourself with our readers!

Leah DeVon:  It has been a minute! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Chase Von:  You`re really accomplishing some truly wonderful things in your career!   But before we get into all that, what was your childhood like growing up in


Leah DeVon:  I loved my childhood!  I have an amazing family!   I am actually the youngest of 4 girls! 


Chase Von:  How early did you know that singing was your calling?  And was church a part of that for you in your early beginnings?


Leah DeVon:  I actually started singing solos at my church when I was 7 years old so church was definitely a place for me to find my voice at a very young age.


Chase Von:  And lastly for this portion, what was going through your mind when you left for Georgia to truly pursue your dream?

Leah DeVon:  That I must be crazy leaving the comfort of all of my friends and family but I knew it was something that I was going to do.

Chase Von:  You`ve been doing something that is really dear to my heart!


And that is performing for the troops all around the world and also in war zones!  How has that affected you on a personal level and has it changed your perceptions any being in contact with those that serve our great nation in these most difficult of times?

Meaning prior to doing this, what were your thoughts regarding our service members and now that you have done it, what are they now? Also can you share some links here so more of our readers can see what Music For Troops is truly all about and shed some of your own feelings on how it is truly a great thing for our warriors?

Leah DeVon:  I have such respect for our men and women in uniform. My heart gets very heavy just thinking about it. If I could travel the world and just perform for our troops, I absolutely would. I will tell you that they are the most appreciative audiences that I`ve ever performed for.


If you would like to learn more about performing for our troops you can visit:  or  If you are a musician and would like to donate your music you can also visit


Both are such lovely causes to let our service men and women know we care.

Chase Von:  I imagine you had to fly to many of the locations you performed at and perhaps had to reach some of those as well in tactical vehicles. and if so, was that a unique experience for you?

Leah DeVon:  Actually we were supposed to go to Diego Garcia on our tour and due to the conditions at the time with the brutal murder of well, I don`t even want to get into it, we did not go. 


We stayed in Singapore and performed.  I will tell you that the flight to Singapore was about 23 hours but I would do it again in a heart beat!

Chase Von:  You`ve opened for the Backstreet Boys, Destiny`s Child, Chaka Khan and Earth Wind & Fire, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Pieces of a Dream and also worked with and recorded a duet with the infamous producer Kashif who has worked with Whitney Houston, Kenny G and Mariah Carey. 


Is there any one out there in the entertainment industry that you truly want to work more with or would love to work with again?

Leah DeVon:  I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing artist.  I learned so much from Kashif.  I met him when I was working with a management company in LA.


He was and still is such a great mentor.  He has written a book Every thing You Better Know About The Music Business.  Every artist should own this book!

Chase Von:  Who are some of the singers or just people in general you truly admire and looked to as role models?

Leah DeVon:  I love, love Celine Dion!  I had a chance to see her show in Vegas last year.


She is ridiculously talented and seems like such a wonderful, genuine person!  I am also a big fan on Lionel Ritchie.  I think he is one of the best songwriters to date!

Chase Von:  I couldn`t help but notice this huge ROCK on your hand in one of your pictures. (Smile).


And what finger it was on.  In addition to thinking just out of sight of the periphery of the photo, there had to be an armed guard to protect you and the jewelry. (Smile).


But are you married? And if so is your husband also in the entertainment business?  And is your name a stage name or just an attempt to be some what like me? Heh, Heh:)

Leah DeVon:  You are silly!  I am married to a wonderful man (Kelvin).  He is my best friend (Smile).


He is not in the business but is so supportive of me and has sacrificed quite a bit to allow me to spread my wings.  For that I am truly grateful.  I will tell him that you like my ring!  LOL!

Chase Von:  OK, sure, on to other things. (Smile).  You`re the face along with Super Model Rachel Hunter for Divas Choice, a fine jewelry line created by Award-Winning Jewelry Designer Steven Zale.  I also read where it is also endorsed by Seventeen Magazine and Badgley Mischka.

When I saw that I was like?  Is that for Zale`s Jewelry?  We`ve all heard of that!  And with your exceptional good looks, hey, I`m married, not visually impaired. (Smile).  Do you see any acting in your future?

Leah DeVon:  I really lucked up with the jewelry campaign!  Steven Zale is a jewel, LOL! 


He is tied into the Zale line but Zalemark is his company. I appreciate their company for allowing me to have a voice in terms of the people who work with me.


They are fantastic and the jewelry is simply stunning. I would absolutely love to go into acting if the opportunity were offered. My dream is to perform on Broadway.

Chase Von:  One of my most recent interviews was with the lovely and amazing actress and model Shawn Richardz, prior to this one.  She is incredible but then again, so are you!


She went from acting to modeling and it looks like you have went from being a singer to modeling as well or really like her doing both!   But do you see down the line you yourself producing other artist?

Because I have a few I could suggest to you that are off the chain!   Dozie, Rachael Bell, Brian O`Neal, Alina, The Artist C, Kim Kline, Janice B, Willard Barth, Jena Fair, Alice Marie, Barbara Evans and all these people are independents mind you.


Least last I heard.  Also, what do you think about the independent artist and is that how you yourself initially started out?

Leah DeVon:  I would love to dabble in working with other artist. I hope that is in the cards for me.


Chase Von:  Besides Zales, performing for our troops and the release of your new hot CD "Come Over" that is climbing the Billboard charts, are there any other future projects you`re working on you can share with our readers?

Leah DeVon:  I just recently recorded a new dance single and shot a music video for a dance track What Does It Take.   The song is being warmly embraced especially overseas.  We are getting ready to do quite a few different remixes on the song!  I am really looking forward to seeing how they will turn out.


I am also heading over to Milan Italy in October to promote my music so I can`t wait!

Chase Von:  I also know you are a proud supporter of "Saving Our Children." 


Can you tell our readers more about that, how you got involved, what wonderful things you see happening because of it and also share a link where they can learn more?

Leah DeVon:  Saving Our Children is a fantastic organization!  It`s crazy that every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in this country!


What many readers may not realize is that 33% are African American Children who often don`t receive the media attention needed!


I guess it`s important for us to remember that ALL of our children are important!  To learn more, please visit:


I would love to see more supporters of this wonderful organization or more people getting involved.

Chase Von:  How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?

Leah DeVon:  My family is my number 1 priority!  I have such a close relationship with all of them!


I was telling my mother the other day that I always thought that I would have at least 3 kids.


To be honest with you at this point, I would be happy with 1 healthy child!


Right now my husband and I are the proud parents of a little cockapoo (Louie), LOL!  He`s spoiled rotten!


I look forward to starting a family, I just wish my little girl or boy would be able to grow up the care free way that I did!

Chase Von:  What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you?


What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Leah DeVon: 
I would tell them to DREAM BIG!  That they could do and be anything that they would like.  We often give up on our dreams too quickly!

Chase Von:  What are some of your different web sites and links so that our readers can learn more about lovely singer, Diva and model and spokes woman for Zales Jewelry Leah DeVon?


And also any other music that they can find by yourself that is available on the net?

Leah DeVon:  You can see what`s going on in my world at You can view my calendar, music videos and hear samples of my music.

Chase Von:  Before I close and well, hardly any one reads these interviews right? (Smile).  When you wrote "Come Over" was there any possibility that you had me in mind? Heh, Heh:)

Leah DeVon: 
You were my inspiration! (Smile).  


You and the kid that played Napoleon Dynamite, Urkel, Jimmy Walker from Good Times and what was that kid`s name that used to always say....


"What you talking bout Willis?  Gary????  Help me out here Chase, Gary... started with a C right?


Chase Von:  I think I get the point Leah; can you get back to the other part of the question?


Leah DeVon:  (Smile).  I have 2 writing partners Michera Clark and Phillip O`Rourke.


We work well together because there are no egos which is nice. Come Over was definitely a labor of love for me.

Chase von:  I had to ask huh? (Looking down, kicking dirt), (Smile).  On behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself Leah as well as all the troops world wide that you were gracious enough to perform for, I truly appreciate you finding the time in your busy life to share yourself with our readers.

Also wishing you continued success and love and light and I`m still waiting on a topic for lyrics because I`m going to hold you too that! (Smile).

If I can catch you again! (Smile).

Leah DeVon:  Thank you for sharing your time with me!  Also, continued success to you as well. You are such a beautiful writer.  A little birdie told me that your book is killing em on Amazon (Smile). 

Be Blessed!