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Published:November 6th, 2008 09:23 EST
Lucky Dube:  Clock a Year Since his Transformation State

Lucky Dube: Clock a Year Since his Transformation State

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

I see a beautiful face every time I close my eyes.

Coming home to share the good news, I was told, you had gone on a far away journey, only to return the day I will be coming.

But I am convinced that you are just an inch away from me
though it might be broad and wide.

For sure I know I will be meeting you soon.

Of course! You had told me it`s only a matter of time

So, I wouldn`t cry because you had once told me; don`t cry.

Sunday, 19th October 2008. The fans of the reggae legend came in their numerous displaying in memory of their late big bro! Lucky Dube.

The gala which started at 6pm till midnight, a 6 hours play back of mostly Lucky`s collections & some of his predecessors, the Bob himself, organized by Alliance Franco Camerounaise, Buea.

It`s exactly a year since their mentor transformed his state of being. As much as they believe it`s only a matter of time, sooner it will be their turn too.

The gala night started with a word of prayer from one of the leading Rasta reggae guy.

I ray
One love
A minute of silence
Albino style
Praise brother & sister
Welcome all you tonight for this great occasion
Happy I know all we will be
Happily I know it will end
One love.

Following an oral interview with some of the Cameroonian base Rasta reggaes, here is the few I could gather despite the fact that I was attentive.

Zoneziwoh: Though I keep dreadlocks I am often taken for a Rastafarian. And when ever I ignored a greeting like jah! I ray.  From their eyes it tells me `I will trash you`.

Does it mean every Rastafarian must keep dreadlocks?

Ringer J: Rastafarians doesn`t necessary means keeping dreadlocks. Although in the yesteryears, it was believed that Rastafarians are persons who follow strict rules about what they eat, usually wear their hair in dreadlocks.

Yes! That was because of their religious groups which originated in Jamaica and which worship a previous ruler of Ethiopia. You bear with me that then religion just like today is more of a cultural heritage.

If that be the case then I am not a Rastafarian. Reggae is a cultural brand of music belonging to the Jamaican but could still be practiced or sang by any person who is able of developing the passion and skills to pass the message.

Zoneziwoh: I feel like the biggest fan of Lucky, honestly, he had always been my source of inspiration. The moment I heard that the FIFA world cup 2010 will be in S.A., I jubilated with my friends telling them that I will go to South Africa, not for the world cup but to see Lucky and touch his jacket.

I adore him

How did you come to know about Lucky Dube?

Benson F:  I can`t remember, perhaps in the nightclub oh no! In a video hall. The track `prison` and many others made me mad. I was touched, blessed.


You might not believe me but Lucky`s songs had changed my life a lot, I don`t know how my life would have been if I had never known or be listening to his music. He has been the greatest contributor to my success today. Jah! May you be ever remaining praise?

Ringer J: My late uncle was such a crazy fan of Lucky Dube. He had Lucky Dube`s entire albums up to the recent album after Lucky died. I will always enjoy my uncle whenever he`s listening to the CDs. I grew up in that milieu and before I realized I was more that crazy. Especially when the albums with the track `so crazy & little hero` were realized, I thought there was no world living after this. Not to talk of `remember me` which is his true life story? I get so excited when relating whatever to Dube. You can see I am speechless?

Zoneziwoh: To the best of your understanding how can you describe Lucky Dube? Who was he? And how was his relationship with society?

Some people say he was a messiah to complete the undone of Bob Marley, the father himself.

I can die for any thing seeming Lucky Dube

Ringer J: Something tells me you said it already, he is the big himself. From his name Lucky, it`s obvious. The big bro had always been for unity, freedom, and love. He is more that a prophet, he is the god of reggae, I  ray, jah! May you ever remain?

Zoneziwoh: Are you saying that Dube had done all which was needed or what else would you had loved him to do?


Assuming his journey will take a many days before you go met him and perhaps Lucky might see our faces and will be glad if we join you too, what will you like him to do while waiting for that day where we all might be opportune to speak the language.

In one of my dreams I saw the land, it`s such a beautiful zone, with wild creatures smiling in our presence, playing with our kids. While Scorpions, centipedes become our pets, HIV and other deadly diseases become antibodies to mankind and other living creatures.

Far away land although just an inch above my height.

Ringer J: (smile) yes! Far away but just an inch above my height.
I know Lucky has done it all, so far so good he has done his own part, it was a success. I can only say he should continue with that same spirit. But if the journey proof tedious, Lucky! Know that we are on the way, I am sure we all are moving on the same path, sooner we will be together.

I ray,
I greet you.
I feel you, it seems the spirit is already hovering in that land where man of this skin sees neither moon nor the sun, still there is light.
How is the gala?

Fan: If I died today I wouldn`t regret.

Reggae is strong,

Reggae is strong. If there is any where I can sell my soul just for reggae. I wouldn`t hesitate.

Remember me Lucky.

You left for a journey many days had gone. Promising, you will come back.

Many weeks are going, still no sign.

Remember, I love you and will forever love you.

Accept my compliment. I love your attire.

The gala night was super nice, one of a hundred that I had attended lately.


Every body clad in the reggae attire but for some moonchi like us who wasn`t in complete attire.

The gala night was such a stress free event, besides listening to music one could  also confess that it was a milieu to relax the mind after a stressful week, as well as smart fellows could easily pick up life changing altitudes and manners, meet people and adding them into your previous friend list, these and many others.

It was crazy just like Dube.

It was fun.

Please book a render-vous for subsequent years.

On behalf of The SOP, reggae fans worldwide, it has been an honor for me to be part of the reggae gala night. I thank you all for your contribution, time and above all the warm reception.

Long live Reggae.
Long live Rastafarians
Long live mankind