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Published:February 18th, 2009 13:46 EST
Led Zeppelin

Country meets a little bit of Rock 'N' Roll in this Unlikely Pair

By Vincent Gonzalez

Robert Plant the iconic lead singer of Led Zeppelin and Alison Krauss the golden girl of bluegrass would seem to be one of the most unlikely pairs of musicians to collaborate and make an album. One of the most significant rock singers of his genre, Robert Plant is hugely recognized for his influence on rock `n` roll. With his mane of long blond hair and powerful, bare-chested appearance, Plant helped perhaps more than any other artist to create the "rock god" standard. The most awarded female artist in Grammy history, Alison Krauss is credited with raising recent American interest in bluegrass.

Led Zeppelin


 About 5 years ago these two would never have been mentioned in the same sentence, but since they won five Grammy awards -- including album of the year for their surprising collaboration, "Raising Sand" their names have been mentioned together in the same sentence as often as possible.  


At 60, Plant is in fantastic shape; with his trademark golden ringlets Plant is still able to capture the energy that was often associated with his performances with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s. At 37, Krauss is as elegant as a rose, with an "angelic" voice that many groups claim "flows like honey." And while both are really dead serious when talking about their craft, the rest of the time they`re like the two typical silly junior high school kids you would find at any school  -- he, the charming prankster with a secret crush, and she, the beautiful prom queen who pretends not to be amused. 


 Obviously, they`re both having the time of their lives, and are energized about their current musical journey -- which pushes each out of their respective comfort zones and into new territory. Now, he`s a little bit country and she`s a little bit rock `n` roll.