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Published:April 5th, 2009 17:43 EST streams entire album from IN THE RED streams entire album from IN THE RED

By SOP newswire2 streams entire album from IN THE RED. is streaming the entire new album,Volume 2, from In The Red that features Mike Hale former front man of the No Idea records` Gunmoll.

You can stream the album here on the band`s profile page.

The album was released on 3/31/09 on LP/CD by Suburban Home Records.

The 12 song album was recorded by Armand John Anthony and was mastered at Black In Bluhm by Chris Fogal.

The vinyl is out of an edition of 1,000 copies (300 on Red, 700 on Baby Blue w/ Purple Splatter) and the vinyl comes with a digital download coupon. And the deluxe sets feature the baby blue w/ purple splatter LP, the CD, a pint glass, a poster, a t-shirt, a coozie, and a button. You can order the album over at Suburban Home Records.

Mike Hale recently decided to give up life as he knows it. He gave up his lease, sold his truck, gave up his job and has committed to a  life on the road with plans to tour all year long between In the Red and solo. That is truly commendable and anyone who has ever longed to do the same will hopefully find inspiration in Mike`s quest to become a full-time musician. Read about his adventures through his weekly column at, For Those Still Standing
Matt Glasgow, In the Red`s drummer, could quite possibly be the World`s Tallest Drummer at 6 foot 8. Don`t believe us, google it! Suburban Home has submitted  him to the Guinness Book of World Records, but recently received the news that they don`t recognize height by profession.
You can listen to an interview with Mike Hale on one of our favorite podcasts, Issue Oriented. Mike`s segment comes after an interview with Propagandhi.
Track Listing:

1. Unlaced

2. Alone Is Still A Sound

3. The Drakes

4. First Evil Twin

5. I Want A New Life

6. Green Eyes

7. Jet Breaker

8. These Old Songs

9. Overlooked

10. Something Shocking

11. My Point Of View

12. If You Want

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