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Published:April 20th, 2009 12:21 EST
'Good Luck' tours to support  Into Lake Griffy

'Good Luck' tours to support Into Lake Griffy

By SOP newswire2

Bloomington, Indiana`s, GOOD LUCK will be touring to support their debut album Into Lake Griffy that was recently released on vinyl by No Idea Records (see dates below).
The debut album was originally self-released on CD, but the fine folks from No Idea fell in love with the album and band, which quickly lead to pressing the wonderful album on a vinyl format.
The band features members of One Reason, Matty Pop Chart, K-10 Prospect, Abe Froman, Mt. Gigantic, Bodyhammer, and Los Gatos Negros.
To share even more love, No Idea has posted a full stream of the album for your listening pleasure. You can check it out here.
The band also recorded a stripped down version of Stars Were Exploding " for the Pink Couch Session from the fine folks at Check it out here.
Guitarist/vocalist Matt Tobey had this to say about their plans for the summer months:
We`re hard at work writing new songs. The plan is to spend the summer totally jamming out on new stuff, way over-noodling everything, arguing about whether a certain pause should be 3 counts or 4, whether the delay pedal sounds too U2-ish on this part, whether we need to utterly rock it out or chill it out a little here, take a break and play a couple Weezer covers, then cut the noodling back to a semi-reasonable level, somehow fit together all the crazy parts we decide will constitute one "song," be convinced that it`ll never be cohesive, freak out for hours and hours about writing lyrics, and somehow end up with a new album by the end of the year. That`s how it usually goes, anyway. "
Good Luck Tour Dates:

April 21 - Columbus OH @ Monster House

April 22 - Athens OH @ Brown Town

April 23 - Richmond VA @ Temple of Doom

April 24 - Washington DC @ GWU`s Mitchell Hall Theater

April 25 - Baltimore MD @ Frisby House

April 26 - Philadelphia PA @ TBA

April 27 - Newark DE @ 46 Madison

April 28 - Williamstown NJ @ 1619 Herbert Ave.

April 29 - New Brunswick NJ @ TBA

April 30 - Brooklyn NY @ Silent Barn

May 1 - New Haven CT @ TBA

May 2 - Boston MA @ TBA

May 3 - Northampton MA @ Hampshire College

May 4 - St. Catharines ON @ 73 St. Paul

May 5 - Buffalo NY @ Hungarian American Social Club

May 6 - Pittsburgh PA @ The Mousetrap

May 7 - Detroit MI @ Trumbullplex

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