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Published:August 14th, 2009 11:46 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Floyd Mc Feely from Super Geek League

Judyth Piazza chats with Floyd Mc Feely from Super Geek League

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Super Geek League is an epic rock odyssey of mind-blowing proportions and ambitious dreams that invigorate fans and followers into an ecstatic frenzied state of excitement and passion that is unrivaled in enthusiasm and intensity. Super Geek League consists of 9 multi-instrumentalist musicians with an eclectic background of musical training and experience that melds together to epitomize the sound of this domination rock outfit.

Super Geek League`s sound has been described as "Polyphonic Spree meets System of a Down" or "Circus Primus meets Salvador Dali on Zappa" with thunderous stacks of guitars and bass that rival Korn and Slipknot. Super Geek League is designed to blow minds and ear drums; pure and simple. Super Geek League started off as the brainchild of musical and visual mastermind, Floyd Mc Feely.

In 2001 Mc Feely, aka "Commander Tomorrow", set up the "Super Geek League" as a way for friends to create a character based on a create-your-own-superhero profiler which Mc Feely then turned into songs. This provided the initial foundations of the Super Geek League and created much of the material for SGL`s debut album, "Peppermint Rainbows", which was released in 2007. The "band" hit the stage for the first time in 2003 while Mc Feely (aka Cecil Cudpucker) was performing with Illegal Arts` artists The Bran Flakes.

Mc Feely had just returned home from a tour in France @ the Ideal Festival when he was offered an opening slot for The Bran Flakes and immediately jumped at the opportunity. Without a band or any instruments, Mc Feely had to come up with something fast. He decided to put together an air-guitar band that performed a karaoke set singing live over the actual recorded music from an iPod. With a stripping nun, an air guitar clown, a bass playing top-hat wearing Gorilla and a chicken drummer, Super Geek League was officially born.

The inaugural performance was deemed "Genius" by the fans that saw it, and Mc Feely was offered a headlining gig at one of Seattle`s most prominent and established venues. He decided to create a band to perform half of the set live and the other half to be canned from the iPod. This show was augmented with a GIANT trampoline with high flying acts and an extended cast of strange and bizarre acts; to which was deemed by the Seattle press as "The Most F*cked up carnival hell ever imagined!"- Megan Selling - The Stranger.

After the show, Mc Feely`s strategy of creating an over-the-top spectacle to deliver his strange and eclectic musical compositions began to take shape. All the while Super Geek League was gathering more and more momentum in the sleepy and somewhat tranquil Seattle music scene. After several years of destroying venues and causing a raucous everywhere they performed, SGL was offered the opportunity to perform select dates on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour throughout the Northwest.

Still without a cohesive band in place, Mc Feely used the opportunity to recruit some additional talent to add to the core Super Geek League music machine. At the time the band consisted of multi-instrumentalist Knuckles, bassist PWord and drummer Gil Chowder.

Mc Feely knew he needed a few more crucial ingredients to complete the recipe that he wanted. So the band enlisted an accordion, Theremin, lead/rhythm guitarist and new female and male lead singers to complete the lineup. The new and improved Super Geek League hit the opening date of their tour like a neutron BOMB in Boise, Idaho. In 100 degree heat, the crowd bombarded the stage with many of SGL`s props; including but not limited to: 2-pound fish, Hostess Twinkies, bottles, cups, and water balloons. The band whipped them into a near riot that resulted in the Hot Topic Stage manager pulling the plug on Super Geek League`s performance 15 minutes into the set.

Super Geek League had officially been kicked off the Vans Warped Tour. But, after hours of clean up, begging and pleading, SGL redeemed themselves for the rest of the dates, ending with a thunderous encore performance in Portland with critical acclaim "SGL saves Warped Tour" - Jason Simms Willamette The Vans Warped Tour made Super Geek League into a legitimate alternative/heavy rock act, resulting in the recording of their debut album "Peppermint Rainbows", which was released in 2007.

"Like The Aquabats, many of their songs introduce some character that initially serves as a foil or foe to the group before blending in to its ranks of weirdoes, most often showcased in their live shows.... much like the equally revered/maligned Bloodhound Gang. Being a Bloodhound Gang fan, I find myself in the odd position of being half in SGL`s camp and half out. I howled in laughter at "Ray and Stan", and found an eerie truth to "Jesus in Clown Shoes".... -JD -

In the summer of 2007, Mc Feely was working with PR legend Laura Kaufman to shop the Super Geek League show, called "Geeks", to Broadway legend Steve Leber for an off-Broadway production. The event inspired Mc Feely to write an entire two hour script based on their current production. The bits and pieces of material would provide the foundations for the next record, " A Magic Castle Land ".

During this period, Mc Feely had a chance run-in with current lead vocalist Eronica Heard aka "Vy Agra" at a bar in downtown Seattle. Mc Feely and Heard started to chat about music that resulted in her auditioning with Mc Feely that very night at the SGL studio in Ballard, Washington. As soon as Heard took the microphone, Mc Feely knew he had found his long sought powerful female vocalist. With this new found weapon fronting the SGL machine, Mc Feely called upon his long time friend, singer/songwriter Evad Deleon Smith, to try out as the lead guitarist for the now vacant position (It would appear that the lead guitarist role in Super Geek League is the equivalent of Spinal Tap`s drummer position with the only difference being that SGL guitarists do not explode on stage).

With Eronica Heard and Evad added to the mix, Super Geek League continued its storied run, producing and performing shows as a featured headlining attraction. After a headlining performance at the 2008 Masquerade Mayhem Ball, Super Geek League was approached by then-fan Noah Radford who casually inquired about playing trumpet or accordion. Radford`s inquiry rang a bell in Mc Feely`s brain as now he could begin to build on the foundations of the existing horn section.

Prior to Radford it consisted of only multi-instrumentalist Knuckles, who plays the trombone. Mc Feely immediately jumped at the opportunity and gave Radford (aka Sunshine Applebeard) an assignment to learn the horn riff on an unreleased song, "Burning", in one week`s time. Radford worked perfectly and fit like a glove into SGL, joining Ian Clark (aka Sheesh the Mad Mandible) and officially giving birth to the "Walls of Jericho" horn section of Super Geek League.

Finally, after 8 years and many lifetimes of trials and tribulations, tinkering and tweaking, the new and improved Super Geek League returned to the studio to record the much anticipated "A Magic Castle Land" Dave Segal of The Stranger would later say of the record, "A Magic Castle Land amply demonstrates Super Geek League`s flamboyant flair for sweeping arena rock that screams "ambition" in vivid neon hues... it`s clear that head Geek Floyd Mc Feely has poured an incredible amount of time and energy into this album`s 11 tracks" With the record complete, their message is clear, inspire fans and innocent bystanders to dream BIG and live even BIGGER! Super Geek League is touring with the Jim Rose Circus this summer in selected cities and theaters, and will embark on a nationwide tour sometime in 2009. " A Magic Castle Land " is for available on iTunes, eMusic and @