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Published:October 13th, 2009 12:11 EST
Dubstep: A Sound You May Have Never Heard But Will Like

Dubstep: A Sound You May Have Never Heard But Will Like

By R.J. Smith

Late last Thursday I was making my usual internet rounds, trolling a few chat rooms as I am want to do, when I came across something pretty awesome.  A user by the name of Seanboy from the UK hit me up with a Youtube link.  Normally, I don`t click links because most of them are boring as sh*t.  This time, however, I  decided to have a peep.

What I found was a type of music I was not previously familiar with.  Dubstep.  Apparently, it has been semi-popular amongst the UK underground for quite some years now.  Being an American, however, I was totally oblivious to it.  When time came to write an article for The SOP, I figured what the heck... I`ll see how many people I can turn on to this new awesomeness I have found.

The first song that got me totally hooked was a remix of an old song, "Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes.  A fellow named Cragga brought this to us.  It only took a few seconds before I was sold, and I must have played the same song over and over for at least an hour.  Here is a link to the Youtube video.  Please drop this dude a comment to tell him how awesome it is. 

It only took a short search to find more of this badassery.  Soon, It was all I was listening to.  This was about three weeks ago and I haven`t turned back since. 

The style is sort of electronica mixed with a hard-as-hell baseline that just makes you want to get up and dance.  Personally, I don`t dance.  I chop wood in blizzards.  But I do enjoy a good head-bobbing though, and this genre has delivered that in abundance. 

You may be thinking to yourself  "Why write an article about a genre of music that is almost ten years old?"  Well, I agree.  I am a bit late.  But most of the world is chronically late.  I`de be willing to bet dollars to donuts that most people reading haven`t heard of this yet and will enjoy it immensely.  Maybe even as immensely as I have.

Check for yourself though, don`t just take my word as end all be all.  Or do.  Whatever.  A quick Youtube search for `dubstep` will only  prove me right anyways.