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Published:November 30th, 2009 19:34 EST
DJ Pro Zeiko 3-Time World Champion Wears Sedgwick & Cedar 73 Proudly as He Blazes the Wheels of Steel

DJ Pro Zeiko 3-Time World Champion Wears Sedgwick & Cedar 73 Proudly as He Blazes the Wheels of Steel

By SOP newswire2

Sedgwick & Cedar, Heritage Brand of Hip-Hop Culture and 3-Time World Champion Turntabalist, DJ Pro Zeiko, announced a major partnership in music and fashion. DJ PRO-ZEIKO is a child of Berlin-City, since 1983. Inspired by the melody of the streets, his interest in music grew stronger.

As a sixteen-year-old the tables started to turn for him and he found his place behind the decks. Today, nearly ten years later, DJ PRO-ZEIKO is a major factor in the international DJ scene. Still young and hungry, he already managed to hold three of the world`s most important DJ titles. Sweeping the world in his first appearance on the international stage, he left a mark in turntablism-history.

Impressed by his performances in DJ-battles, world renown venues have flown Pro Zeiko in to get the party started. After rocking shows from Moscow to Dubai and back to Shanghai, he advanced to a global player in the DJ-Game. ROLAND, a leading international brand of music instrument manufacturing, specializes in the electronic sector. Understandably the DJ sampler SP-555 should only be supported by a world class DJ. DJ PRO-ZEIKO is the official ROLAND endorser and is creating a stir in the international club scene`s sampler and turntable usage. It will be a product at trade shows, showcases, in the best clubs worldwide and moreover presented as a signboard for big brands in the press and advertising.

Sedgwick & Cedar, The Heritage Brand of Hip Hop whose legacy fashion & footwear products provide unique imagery and history in every vintage design is known for its dedication to Hip Hop and music culture. S&C is backed by the founding fathers of DJ Culture like DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Wizzard Theodore announced that the company will support DJ PRO-ZEIKO during the campaign and in the future to accompany him with fresh designs, steeped in meaning and their authentic brand on his back.

 "We`re looking for a new generation of artists that are carrying the torch of this culture around the world; artists that are innovating on the original platform built by the hands of the pioneers with the same passion and spirit of creativity," says Ray Riccio, CEO of S&C 73.

"DJ Pro Zeiko is a turntable genius that is not only talented but incredibly humble and cares about representing the true culture of Hip Hop while elevating his craft." Pro Zeiko has opened for international artists including the Black Eyed Peas. Through his ability to entertain, he complements the vision and ideology of Sedgwick & Cedar Co. in music and lifestyle. Pro Zeiko explained about the alignment, "I am really happy to be partnering up with S&C as I think we both represent a very cool and refreshing lifestyle, a passion for art, an engagement for the greater good and a huge interest in combining art with fashion."

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