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Published:December 9th, 2009 17:26 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Catskill, Canadian Rapper

Judyth Piazza chats with Catskill, Canadian Rapper

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Face it! Your favorite rapper lacks identity. Originality doesn`t exist--the death of FM radio is near. We know it, and you know it. Legions of rappers are incorporating user-friendly lyrics with tacky synthesizers, idiotic dancing, and auto-tuning themselves into George Michael. Pathetic. Is this what the Rap game has become?

It has my friends. In 2009, the hip hop scene has indeed had its share of misfortunes. Safe to say that all hope is gone-right! Try telling that to Canada`s lyrical madman, Catskill, who has been stirring up industry controversy with his fearless wordplay, cut-throat image, and undeniable lyrical ability. Your favorite rapper is dead. Get ready for the "Heir to the Throne".

After reigning in the underground hip hop circuit for several years, rockin` local sell-out shows, and rippin anyone who stood in his way, Catskill had caught the attention of legendary DJ, Clinton Sparks. The chemistry between the two was instantaneous, and together they would create the blueprint for a debut masterpiece--a masterpiece just as rare and unique as the man behind the mic. Experience musical bliss and chaos, rolled into one stacked dutchmaster of orchestrated genius. Bangers like "Sugar Town" reflect Catskill`s unique energy and hilarious comical delivery.

A sense of humor is not included, although preferred. You`ll assume its all fun and games until you turn on the murderous anthem, "Kill Em" however, which contains a hard-hitting chorus that will paralyze any listener with the force of a Tyson right-hook to the brain! Leave that Asher Roth bull(s)hit at the door! Catskill is an artist of many talents, capable of dominating any theme and this is thoroughly recognized throughout his exciting debut. Feel his passion to succeed, against all odds, on the radio-friendly smash "Year of the Cat". A song that serves as an inspiration for all, delivered in the way only Catskill can deliver it.

We don`t want to spoil the opportunity you`ve been waiting for by telling you about what this man can do, experience it for yourself! Prepare yourself for epic music that will etch its way inside your mind, and heart for years to come. "My music is meant to be controversial; it`s meant to be talked about, to be studied," says the talented Emcee.

"Armed with a bright future, there is no predicting what Catskill is capable of, and where his limits initiate. He is currently in the midst of an industry bidding war, and one of serious financial proportions. Can`t contain your excitement?! The good news is you don`t have to wait to get your hands on "Heir to the Throne". Get ready to experience the future of hip-hop as we know it, as Clinton knows it, and soon enough, the world. The already a classic "Heir to the Throne" features guest appearances from Clinton Sparks, and Bizarre of D-12-Available now, supplies are limited.

For bookings call 204-996-3420 204-996-3420 or write to to confirm availability. Good luck to all.

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